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3 Centers of Intelligence | their many uses – Part 2

This blog describes one way that the 3 Centers of Intelligence – Head, Heart and Body – can be useful and practical in developing relationships. Peter O’Hanrahan and I have a new 2-day program titled “Relationships Reimagined” in which we

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Enneagram Limericks by Tom Hattersley

PERFECTIONIST… There once was a One so right About the trivial he would fight Others he would judge His opinions would not budge When he neared all would take flight GIVER… There once a helper Type Two Who thought of

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3 Centers of Intelligence | their many uses – Part 1

The 3 Centers of Intelligence – Head Center, Heart Center and Body Center – form a basis of the 20th century mystic, philosopher and teacher, G. I. Gurdjieff, brought to the Fourth Way teachings and to the Enneagram. This blog,

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Development | pushing pause

The faster we go, the slower we need to be ~ Peter Senge PhD Pushing the pause button, even if for a second, allows us the space to interrupt our reactive and habitual responses and to make new and more

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Songs for each enneagram type

There are several songs that are emblematic of each enneagram type. They are amusing to hear, and I often use type-based music in enneagram trainings to give people a different sense of each type. Here are the ones I use

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The 3 triangles | 9-3-6 | 1-4-7 | 2-5-8

When I was at the 2017 IEA (International Enneagram Association) conference in Helsinki this September, both as a presenter and an attendee, a session that got my attention was led by Viviana Trucco, a psychologist from Argentina. Viviana works with

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Development | being quiet

The quieter you become, the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass How can people of each enneagram type learn to be quieter? Being quiet does not mean talking less, although it might. Being quiet more refers to quietude within.

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Servant Leadership+the Enneagram

Servant Leadership and the Enneagram

Now more than ever, servant leadership is needed in government, corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and public service agencies. Coined by Robert Greenleaf in the 1970s, servant leadership refers to leaders being a “servant first… It begins with the natural feeling

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Type obstaclesot relationships blog2-02

Type-based obstacles to real relationships

Sometimes it is important to go back to the basics to uncover essential elements that get in our way of what we deeply want. This is especially true in relationships with others. In relationships, yes, there are always two or

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