Servant Leadership+the Enneagram

Servant Leadership and the Enneagram

Now more than ever, servant leadership is needed in government, corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and public service agencies. Coined by Robert Greenleaf in the 1970s, servant leadership refers to leaders being a “servant first… It begins with the natural feeling

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Type obstaclesot relationships blog2-02

Type-based obstacles to real relationships

Sometimes it is important to go back to the basics to uncover essential elements that get in our way of what we deeply want. This is especially true in relationships with others. In relationships, yes, there are always two or

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USE THIS_daring_oct

Development | daring

I believe the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity is daring to dare  ~ Maya Angelou Daring development for each enneagram type ONES seek a perfect world and work diligently to improve both themselves and everyone and everything

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USE THIS_patience_sept

Development | patience

Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time  ~ Jon Kabbat-Zinn Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or

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USE THIS_basics_aug

Development | back to the basics

I don’t think that you can write music if you don’t know how to play an instrument. You have to know the basics, then you can go forward. ~ Alber Elbaz Sometimes we get so sophisticated about the Enneagram and

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Legacy of David Daniels MD | his memorial service

On June 30th, a memorial service was held for David Daniels MD, an Enneagram teacher of major magnitude, who partnered with Helen Palmer and others to legitimize and bring the Enneagram into widespread modern use. Although I live in Santa

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Typing children-01

Typing children | ode to David Daniels

When David Daniels, a pillar of the contemporary enneagram, died this past May, so many memories of him passed through my mind. I had known him for many years, as one of the early teachers, as a friend and colleague

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USE THIS_frustration_july

Development | frustration

You throw the sand against the wind; and the wind blows it back again. ~ William Blake The Enneagram can help each of us, based on our enneatype, deal far better with frustration. Enneagram Ones Ones get easily frustrated when quality

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Typing No-No Blog-part 2-01

Typing No-Nos and Yes-Yes | Part 2

Here is the 2nd set 4 No-Nos accompanied by the Yes-Yes for that area. When typing ourselves on the enneagram or when assisting others in identifying their type, I’ve learned some important guidelines that can be useful in doing this,

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Artboard 1@2x-8

Typing No-Nos and Yes-Yes | Part 1

When typing ourselves on the enneagram or when assisting others in identifying their type, I’ve developed some important guidelines over the years that can be useful in doing this. These are taken from both my own journey in teaching the

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