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The 3 Ps of coaching excellence | presence, patience, and practice

In my most recent “Coaching with the Enneagram” certificate program, one of the most coaching-savvy participants – an excellent coach and an exemplary coachee – asked me what I thought were the most essential ingredients in an excellent coach, and

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Coaching with the enneagram | faster, sustainable coaching

This 3rd and final coaching blog, originally written for the ICF (International Coach Federation), focuses on the Enneagram and client development with a “spiritual” twist, but stated in terms easily understood. It also shows how the same development area needs

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Coaching with the enneagram | deeper and better coaching

This blog, the 2nd created for the ICF (International Coach Federation) is designed to underscore how effective the Enneagram is in enabling coaching to go deeper and better, particularly in terms of identifying and working with the client’s mental models.

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Coaching: Enneagram Body Center Styles: Eight, Nine, and One

  The three Enneagram styles that emanate from the Body Center of Intelligence, Eights, Nines, and Ones, have three different ways of responding to the emotion of anger. Eights have a need to express their anger full-throttle; Nines convince themselves

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