With over 35 years as an organization development consultant, Ginger consults to organizations in all industries across the globe. She has also taught organization development, consulting skills, and strategic change at universities such as UCLA, Antioch and Sonoma State, at well as for NTL (National Training Labs) and numerous consulting firms. When Ginger learned the Enneagram in the early ‘90s and brought it to her clients, she experienced first-hand the power the Enneagram brought to all aspects of her consulting practice. In addition to consulting, Ginger offers the 5-day certificate program “Consulting with the Enneagram.”

Sample Enneagram-based consulting projects

Visioning, succession planning, and culture change (national law firm)

Social Intelligence Hiring (technology)

Culture change | leadership (biotechnology and consumer products)

System-wide team and leadership development (global law firm)

Leadership transformation (biotechnology and entertainment)

Intra-organizational mergers (biotechnology)

Sample OD consulting projects

TQM (total quality management) (entertainment)

Multi-day leadership event for 500 global leaders (retail)

System-wide diversity (high technology, aerospace, financial services, and law firms)

Organizational redesign (aerospace and financial services)

Visioning and executive coaching (consulting firm)

System-wide career development (home care products)

New facility start-up (health care)

Assessment center-based hiring (education, health care)

Team, business unit, and organization effectiveness projects (all sectors)

Post-merger and acquisition alignment (all sectors)