Development tips

Topic of the month | Reduce stress

Which self-statement causes Ones stress?
Stress inducing | What is going wrong here? What needs to be improved?
Stress reducing | Let me find all the things that are going well.

Which self-statement causes Twos stress?
Stress inducing | What can I say or do to enhance heighten this relationship?
Stress reducing | Let the other person take 50% of the responsibility for this relationship.

Which self-statement causes Threes stress?
Stress inducing | How can I work something I know or have done into the conversation?
Stress reducing | Let me just relax and enjoy this person and conversation.

Which self-statement causes Fours stress?
Stress inducing | If only I had made other choices in my life….
Stress reducing | I’ve made some really wonderful choices in my life such as…

Which self-statement causes Fives stress?
Stress inducing | If I give what they ask, they’ll demand more.
Stress reducing | I am fully empowered to give what I truly feel like giving at each and every moment.

Which self-statement causes Sixes stress?
Stress inducing | How can I know I can trust – me, you, the situation, my assessment, my impulses?
Stress reducing | I can trust myself to know.

Which self-statement causes Sevens stress?
Stress inducing | I got the point; it’s not new; what’s next?
Stress reducing | I need to hear this fully.

Which self-statement causes Eights stress?
Stress inducing | Who is in charge here; do I need to step in and take control?
Stress reducing | Sit back, breathe, and let someone else drive the car.

Which self-statement causes Nines stress?
Stress inducing | It doesn’t matter, I don’t matter, and it’s not that important anyway
Stress reducing | I matter.