Archive | March, 2014


Transformational leaders | type 6 – from cowardice to faith

Six leaders, even counter-phobic Sixes, engage in cowardice, which are thoughts of doubt and worry that cause them to second guess themselves and create multiple alternative scenarios. Some Sixes do this so quickly, they hardly notice it; some call this

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Transformational leaders | type 5 – from stinginess to omniscience

When Enneagram Five leaders become transformational ones, they must move from stinginess – a scarcity paradigm that leads to an insatiable thirst for knowledge; reluctance to share such things as knowledge, time, space and personal information; and to strategizing about

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The Bachelor | an enneagram perspective

What does the US TV show The Bachelor have to do with the Enneagram? Like all reality TV shows, the Bachelor is contrived and structured for impact, yet behind the veil there are real people doing somewhat real things. And

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