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Famous Enneagram Ones: Hillary Clinton and Jerry Seinfeld

WORLDVIEW: The world is imperfect; I must correct this.

ONES seek a perfect world and work diligently to improve both themselves and everyone and everything around them.

Discerning and judging, quality-focused and responsible, organized and resentful, Ones structure their worlds and exert self-control in order to ensure that they, others around them, and their environments align as closely as possible to their refined and precise standards of perfection. Ones don’t really think that true perfection is possible, but they do believe what matters most is that people are constantly working on improvement.

All Ones have an internalized set of high standards, a long series of expectations about how they and others should behave, as well as how activities should be structured and executed. All Ones do not necessarily share the same exact standards; some worry about getting everything right, some perceive themselves as closer to perfect than the rest of us and view themselves as role models of excellence, and some focus their perfectionism on constantly improving others.

In the following YouTube segments, these short clips reveal two famous Enneagram Style Ones, Hillary Clinton and Jerry Seinfeld. You will see the One’s interpersonal style very clearly – precise, direct, and exacting, with carefully chosen words and phrases expressed in a seemingly polite manner. Both Clinton and Seinfeld appear simultaneously comfortable and ill-at-ease, controlled and spontaneously reactive, amused and skeptical, and playful yet decidedly serious.

Remember: While we can all be perfectionists with high standards and a tendency to criticize ourselves and others, for Ones, the search for perfection and the avoidance of mistakes is their primary, persistent, and driving motivation.

Hillary Clinton – Click here to see clip

This segment from Saturday Night Live features Hillary Clinton and Amy Poehler imitating Clinton, complete with attire, body language, and speaking style. You can see and hear the fast-reacting and in-control One in action.

Jerry Seinfeld – Click here to see clip

As Larry King interviews Jerry Seinfeld, watch Seinfeld’s quick responses and persistent irritation as King makes the mistake of asking Jerry whether his show “Seinfeld” was cancelled by the network or by Jerry voluntarily.

This is the first blog in a 9-part series on famous people of the 9 Enneagram styles. Check back for future blogs.

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