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Famous Enneagram Sevens: Cameron Diaz and Howard Stern


WORLDVIEW: The world lacks a bigger plan full of possibilities; I must generate these.

SEVENS crave the stimulation of new ideas, people, and experiences, avoid pain and discomfort, and create elaborate plans that allow them to keep all of their options open.

Spontaneous, charming (most of the time!), and multitasking to an extreme, Sevens are upbeat, energetic, and need to feel that they have all options possible open to them. Elaborate future planners – dreamers or visionaries may be more apt descriptors – Sevens generate enthusiasm, push boundaries, and avoid painful experiences by conjuring up new ideas, engaging with people or activities that excite them, and by rationalizing negative experiences through a positive reframing of events.

Sevens have difficulty focusing as their attention shifts from one idea, activity, or person to the next that grabs their interest  – that is, unless they have seriously disciplined themselves and/or done a great deal of self-development work on learning to focus – but they also have a contagious sense of optimism and infinite possibilities. Some Sevens create extensive social networks, a kind of collective surrogate family that gives them the support to make the best of every opportunity; other Sevens restrain their desire to have everything as a way to sacrifice themselves in the service of the group; and still other Sevens are unabashed dreamers, looking to everything new to stimulate and excite them.

In the following YouTube segments, you will see short clips of two famous Sevens: Cameron Diaz and radio personality Howard Stern. These clips are excellent examples of the Seven’s interpersonal style. Fast talking and even faster thinking, with a mental process that moves 1000 miles per hour and jumps from topic to topic, most Sevens say what’s on their minds as soon as they think it. What may be loosely connected items to the rest of us (non-Sevens) are expressed in rapid fire, and their voices are filled with enthusiasm and energy.

Remember: While we can all be creative thinkers, enjoy the rush of adrenalin, and use rationalization as a way to both explain and excuse our behavior, for Sevens, the pursuit of pleasure and stimulation and the avoidance of pain and discomfort is their primary, persistent, and driving motivation.

Cameron Diaz – Click here to see clip

Soon after Diaz’s famous split with Justin Timberlake (who broke up with her in a highly publicized way), Ellen DeGeneres asks how she is doing post breakup. Listen as Diaz makes a clearly painful situation sound like the best thing that could happen to anyone, a great example of the Sevens’ ability to use positive reframing in even the most difficult circumstances.

Howard Stern – Click here to see clip

David Letterman interviews radio host Howard Stern. Watch Stern’s physical movements and stream of consciousness monologues. Notice how Letterman has difficulty stepping into the conversation as Stern talks without appearing to pause or take a breath.

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