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Famous Enneagram Threes: Sharon Stone and Tiger Woods


WORLDVIEW: There is a lack of flow or order to how things work: I must create results.

THREES organize their lives around achieving specific goals in order to appear successful and to gain the respect and admiration of others.

High energy, confident, and achievement oriented, Enneagram Threes focus on results that will bring them the respect of others and efficient and effective plans for accomplishing these goals. As a result, they create a persona of success, but often at the expense of being completely genuine, often losing touch with their deeper feelings and confusing their “public” image with their real selves.

The success orientation and constant need to have goals and plans is common among all Threes, but there are some differences. While some Threes are highly self-reliant, strive to be the model of a “good” heart and create an image of being authentic and having no image, other Threes try to create an image of having high status, prestige, and being important by way of their credentials and high-influence friends. There are also Threes who focus more on creating an image of being extremely attractive in a highly masculine or feminine way and have less need for visibility and a greater desire for privacy.

In the following YouTube segments, short clips that reveal two famous Threes – Sharon Stone and Tiger Woods – you will see the Three interpersonal style very clearly. In these tapes, Stone is viewed partly from the side whereas Woods is seen full-faced, but both convey a strong, deliberate, and confident stage presence, conveying their ideas in a well-conceived and highly self-assured way. It is likely that Stone knew in advance what would be asked while Woods may not have been given forewarning.

Remember: While we can all be results-oriented and have difficulty differentiating who we appear to be from who we really are, for Threes, striving for success and the avoidance of failure is their primary, persistent, and driving motivation.

Sharon Stone – Click here to see clip

In this short segment, David Letterman interviews Sharon Stone, referring to her twice as “lovely,” which may say as much about him as about her. In addition to her speaking style and body language, notice how she chooses to answer the question he asks about her children.

Tiger Woods – Click here to see clip

Watch Tiger Woods relish talking about the thrill of competition and success, all the while keeping him composure and self-control. In addition, compare Woods’s attitude about competition to that of his mother, who is also interviewed and is most likely an Enneagram style Eight or One.

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