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Rumi Poem | Type 3

Rumi Poem | Type 3

That which is false troubles the heart

But truth brings joyous tranquility

~ Rumi

Why is this an important poem for type Threes to use for reflection? The Threes’ passion, aka their vice, is deceit. However, this version of deceit essentially means self-deceit: that is, believing that which conforms to and confirms your idealized self and disowning that which does not. Because the passion of deceit forms in the Heart Center, the Threes’ passion creates an emotional falsity that troubles the heart. But truth is a different story. What is your truth?


Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD, the author of seven Enneagram-business books, is a speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach. She provides certification programs and training tools for business professionals around the world who want to bring the Enneagram into organizations with high-impact business applications, and is past-president of the International Enneagram Association. Visit: TheEnneagramInBusiness.com | ginger@theenneagraminbusiness.com

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Lee Estridge
Lee Estridge
4 years ago

Having the pattern of 3 I totally understand and have experienced self deceit in my life. What I have found to live fully is to totally listen to my heart and follow the messages. It has taken practice over the years to not get hooked on the automatic response of the 3. But the satisfaction of feeling fully alive is worth all the effort!


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