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Living with a social subtype 7

No one in my immediate family is a 7. There are 6s, 5s, 2s, 4s, 9s, 3s, 8s, and 1s. So it is not an Enneagram type I know up close and personal. At the same time, I’ve had an

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What type of cookie are you?

Loving cookies as I do, I was enamored of an article that suggests that our preferences in cookies say something about our personality. In reading the personality descriptions, mouth watering, it occurred to me that the cookies fall right into

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Valentine’s Day | expressions of love

Every Valentine’s Day, I write a love blog. This year, I decided to tackle this fundamental question – What is love? – and to link it to the Enneagram in some way. In trying to figure out how to address

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Typing our animals?

Do animals, especially ones we know well, have an Enneagram type? And if they do, are we, as humans, able to type them accurately? I would say yes, having had many animals over the years since I’ve known the Enneagram,

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Ginger’s favorite enneagram books

I wondered if I dare write about this because almost anything I write, even the most non-controversial ones can receive what are, for me, amazing responses, and I don’t mean amazing in a positive way. But this all comes with

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