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What makes a great team: part 2 | alignment

How to align your team How do you access the collective wisdom of the Head Center of Intelligence to align your team? Every team, if they want to become high-performing, needs to create a collective mind-share, a way of aligning

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What makes a great team: part 1 | the AAA model

What makes a team go from just OK to good? What helps a good team become a great one? I use a simple concept called AAA: alignment, attunement and acceleration. I was first exposed to the first two elements of

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Training for Retention

When we teach the Enneagram, are people retaining what we teach? How do we know? Content matters, but so does the teaching methodology. There’s retention research that points us to the answer. The Learning Pyramid not only shows how people

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Enneagram-Based Organization Work: The 3 Pillars

Enneagram work in organizations is serious work that requires knowledge and skills beyond knowing the Enneagram at a basic level. Here are some thoughts from my three decades of organizational work using the Enneagram. REQUIRED FOR ALL INDIVIDUALS USING ENNEAGRAM

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What is your purpose for using the Enneagram?

Here are some great reasons for organizations to use the Enneagram. Why is this important to know? Any Enneagram initiative to be successful begins with a clear and shared understanding of the Why or purpose of using the Enneagram. The

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Consultants | consulting strengths and development areas

Consultants, hopefully, recognize that their own personal and professional development contribute to the success of their consultation projects. When continuously working on their own development, consultants become less reactive, more responsive, less assumptive, more objective, less constrained, and more real.

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Thoughts from China about the enneagram in organizations

I recently had the challenge and honor of presenting a pre-conference session, along with Peter O’Hanrahan and Russ Hudson, on the Enneagram for over 100 people at the IEA China conference held in Shanghai. Peter spoke about the somatic Enneagram,

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Dreaded questions | blog 1

More and more, I am creating customized Train-the-Trainer (TTT) programs for companies that want to deliver the Enneagram and its organizational applications in-house. These, of course, are in addition to my public TTT programs offered in various parts of the

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Dentists and the enneagram

I normally don’t write about my actual consulting work or speeches so as to preserve client confidentiality. Occasionally, I write a case study, changing information that would make the client identifiable. However, this past weekend, I had a surprising and

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Business-enneagram cases | and more teams

In this 3rd blog about teams, the focus is a consulting organization with which I’ve been working with over the past 3 years as a consultant. Many consulting firms are using the Enneagram and in a variety of ways, a

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