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Ones | With a tendency to over-rely on your opinions, work plans, and exemplary behavior for authority, when you learn to relax these and also access your feelings and values more, your deeper authority will emerge.

Twos | With a tendency to waiver on how much authority you have, you want, and you should have, when you gain more access to an inner comfort with your feelings, aspirations, and intentions, you’ll feel and be perceived as being more aligned with your deeper inner authority.

Threes | With a tendency to rely on your image, confidence and achievements, when you go inside and find out who you really are, what you genuinely feel, and what you truly want, you’ll experience a depth of authority that is more than you can imagine.

Fours | With a tendency to believe that your authority is based on deep purpose, compelling vision and personal authenticity, when you experience inner emotional balance and actually know that you are intrinsically good enough, your deep authority will flow from you.

Fives | With a tendency to rely on knowledge and remoteness for authority, when you access and integrate your heart and your body with your mind, your authority will be unstoppable.

Sixes | With a tendency to doubt your own authority along with your inclination to under- or over-play it, when you reach inside to “own” your true authority without reliance on self-doubt, rules, authority figures or fierceness, your true authority will become unimpeachable.

Sevens | With a tendency to believe that you want more authority than you have, but that there is no real authority (to put limits on others), when you stand still, get focused, and begin to integrate feelings of discomfort, anxiety and sadness, your inner authority will emanate from within.

Eights | With a tendency to think you are authority and that you own the rights to authority, when you relax more and allow yourself to feel and show your vulnerability, you’ll realize that the force and energy you currently muster to be in authority is a not nearly as powerful as the deeper authority you’ll then experience.

Nines | With a tendency to think you must blend rather than assert, so that your sense of authority becomes diminished in the process, when you own your authority by becoming fully embodied, accessing your anger, and expressing yourself directly, your authority will be deep, rich and strong.

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