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Enneagram Styles and Alignment

Gerry Fathauer has written this thought-provoking Insight Activity, from which I have written a blog that ties it even more directly to the 9 Enneagram styles. Gerry lives in Arizona and is a Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network (EIBN).

We are aligned when we know who we are, and our knowing resonates with that which is greater than ourselves.

Alignment eludes us, however, when we block this understanding. The key is discerning when we are in alignment or not.

Just as when a skeletal misalignment results in discomfort or disequilibrium, so too does an inability to align with who we are displace us in life. Correct skeletal alignment supports our physical ease and flow.  Similarly, when we are fully aligned with our inner knowing, our qualitative life experience is that of ease and balance.

We align with our inner knowing on the receptive viaour energy body.  Our energy body with its relationship to all three centers is our connection to that which is greater than ourselves.  Here we are in essence.  Here, the Holy ideas are real and available to us.

What is your experience of being in alignment?  What supports your receptivity and clarity about who you are?  What is your experience of the Holy Ideas when fully aligned?

Knowing and living in alignment sustains our connection to that which is greater than ourselves and elevates our human capacity for living the Holy Ideas for the good of all humanity.


The following blog provides the Holy Idea for each enneatype and a question for the heart and body that can assist in our alignment.

Holy Idea | Perfection | Everything is perfect just as it is; even imperfection is perfect.
Heart Question | If I truly believed that everything is perfect just as it is (including me), how would I feel?
Body Question | If I truly believed that everything is perfect just as it is, how would I behave differently?

Holy Idea | Free Will  |Autonomy and freedom come from acknowledging myself and my own needs.
Heart Question | How much does my heart thirst for real freedom; am I willing to acknowledge myself to gain this?
Body Question | How would I act if I stopped negating myself and my desires?

Holy Idea | Hope | I can be valued and appreciated for who I really am, rather than for what I do and accomplish.
Heart Question | What is my truest heart’s desire?
Body Question |How would I act if I stopped trying to impress others with my activities and accomplishments?

Holy Idea | Original Source | Nothing is missing and everything and everybody is ultimately deeply connected, because we all emanate from the same source.
Heart Question | How would I feel if I accepted that I am just the same as everyone else?
Body Question | How would I act if I accepted that we are all connected through deep invisible lines that are never broken?

Holy Idea | Omniscience | Only through direct personal experience and complete engagement can we know all things.
Heart Question | What if my heart were open and free enough so I could access the full intelligence of my heart?
Body Question | Am I willing to trust my body to take action, even when I don’t fully understand it’s wisdom?

Holy Idea | Faith | We are all – and that includes me – fully capable of meeting life’s challenges; there is meaning, certainty, and support in the world.
Heart Question | What if my heart were still and full simultaneously because I believed in myself?
Body Question | How can I remember and act from all the times when I knew everything and everyone was OK, including me?

Holy Idea | Work | I can direct, control and sustain the focus of my mental attention to whatever I choose.
Heart Question | What would my hear say if I allowed myself to be still, really still for long periods of time?
Body Question | If I could sustain my focus at will, what would I will my behavior to be?

Holy Idea | Truth | The higher and bigger truth comes from seeking and integrating multiple points of view.
Heart Question | What would happen if I opened my heart and myself to everyone and everything?
Body Question | How can I honor my head and my heart just as much as my gut?

Holy Idea | Right Action |When I am fully present to myself and others, I know exactly what action I must take.
Heart Question | How would I feel and what would I feel if I were truly awake to myself, present in the moment?
Body Question | What would happen if I had my full-bodied response available to me at all times?

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