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Enneagram Styles and Prosperity

The following Insight was written by Gayle Hardie, Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network and business consultant from Australia.Prosperity is a significant word in my dictionary of life.  It is a marker of success for me – a descriptor of what is important in my achieving.

Prosperity is about abundance – it reflects a successful, flourishing, thriving way of being.  It does not carry any of the “trappings” that seem to appear when words like “wealthy” or ‘financially successful” are used.

It reflects a concern and commitment to achieving for the “greater good.” Contributing in ways that enable others to thrive and prosper.  Finding opportunities to build and strengthen the success of others through what I do and how I work.

Prosperity does not come from “making money.”  It comes from a belief that I already have what I need in order to do what I need to do.  When this belief is in action, it is amazing to experience the abundance that follows.

What might prosperity – as Gayle so elegantly explains – look like and be like for each of the 9 Enneagram styles? I’ve written the following blog to explore this topic.

Enneagram Ones
From self-restraint to expansive prosperity
The freedom to function without the constant constraints of rigid rules and strict controls, while at the same time not slipping into unbounded behavior with their newfound freedom

Enneagram Twos
From false abundance to true prosperity
The ability to fully appreciate both what is in front of them and what is inside them and to have a well-developed inner-anchor that allows them to even know that they also deserve self-created prosperity

Enneagram Threes
From external (false) prosperity to internally-driven prosperity
To know what they truly want, not what they think they should want based on external referents, and the willingness to follow their hearts in this way

Enneagram Fours
From waiting for prosperity to engaging in prosperity-based action
To believe that they really can and will get their needs and desires met and can do so by allowing more positivity into their lives, as well as limiting their negative (and often false) self-information

Enneagram Fives
From false scarcity to real abundance
Recognizing that there is more than enough of everything they might need and that they can count on themselves and others to provide this

Enneagram Sixes
From false fear to reality-based prosperity
Giving up their self-doubt, reliance on authority, and need to demonstrate strength and, instead, trusting the process, which is the road to prosperity

Enneagram Sevens
From pleasure to grounded prosperity
Learning and knowing that there is a real difference between pleasure masquerading as prosperity and grounded, deeply rewarding prosperity

Enneagram Eights
From control to pure prosperity
Realizing that bigness and excessive action does not create prosperity, but that openness and surrender to what is supposed to happen does

Enneagram Nines
From calmness and temperance to passionate prosperity
Waking up to knowing that prosperity comes from accessing their deepest desire for right action and following through on this action

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