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With many people traveling over the coming months to conferences and workshops, an insight on service may be useful. Almost every business is a service in some way – coaching, consulting, the airlines, manufacturing, etc. What is one way that you can enable service this month? Do you have service deadlines – for example, email response within 24 hours? How do you show your clients and your customers “the love”? How do you provide care to your employees? To every person you touch? What is the smallest thing you can do to make a positive impact? Follow up is particularly important. How do you follow up? If you are coaching, and someone no longer continues, how do you reach out and connect?

Invite people into the art room of the heart and see what beats. What are you in service to?

Ginger’s Blog

In this blog, I want to focus on how being “in service” or “of service” really involves accessing and using all 3 Centers of Intelligence, not simply assuming that service comes from the Heart Center alone. Here are some ways to approach the 3 Centers in each of us to ask the questions and get the answers that might guide us:

Head Center of Intelligence

What are the areas in my life, at work, home or in the community, that could use more service or support?
What needs doing that I have the skills, aptitudes and qualities that might make a contribution?
What are the small ways to make a difference (note: these add up)?
What are some of the bigger ways to provide service?
What more would I need to know about myself, possible service venues, if I were to offer more service?
Are there ways in which I currently provide service that I think matters but those whom I serve do not?
How can I find out the answer to the above question?
Where have I experienced service from others that I found really valuable and what has been irrelevant or annoying?

Heart Center of Intelligence

What in me cares about service?
What do I feel I have to offer?
What kinds of service feel good to me when I receive it?
If I go beyond my “feel good” service, as this may be related to my enneatype, what might others who are not like me want?
What are my “service boundaries”? For example, how much do I want to do and how do I know when it is too much?
What are my values, especially those related to being “of service”?
How do I want to be perceived by others in relation to service?
How do I want to perceive myself in relation to service?
What do I really want to do in terms of service, as opposed to what I feel and think I should do?

Body Center of Intelligence

What do I know (from my gut) about what is truly important in terms of service?
If I were to put my service values into action (both direct and indirect action), what would that be?
Is this the right time for me to focus on service?
If the timing is right, what small things, medium things, and big things will I do?
Am I being truthful with myself and with others regarding my service orientation, values, and boundaries?
If not, what is the truth?
What action should I take?

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