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Luck, Leprechauns, and Enneatype


In honor of St. Patrick’s, Day, I decided to ask people of each Enneagram style if they believe in luck and leprechauns. This blog is meant to be fun, and though there is only a sample size of one for each type, Enneatype does show in the various comments!

Luck: good or bad fortune in life caused by accident or chance beyond a person’s control

Leprechauns: a type of fairy in Irish folklore, usually in the form of an old man with a beard, and dressed in green or red, who enjoys mischief making, spends time making shoes, and stores coins in a pot of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow. When caught, they have the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release.

Enneagram One
Yes, luck is a component of what happens in a person’s life, an element that mixes in with other aspects of a person’s life and hard work. Me, I’ve been lucky. Sometimes I look at others who come from a background such as mine, and their luck has not been so great as mine. There but for the grace of God (or luck) go I.

Leprechauns? Sure, I believe in fairies and other small creatures so, yes, I do believe in leprechauns. Why wouldn’t I!!

Enneagram Two
Yes, I do believe in luck, but I think we make our own luck. If you live a life that you can feel proud of and work hard, then you are open to luck. Or, if you really need something and have made your best effort, luck can appear.

Not sure about leprechauns. I’m not that familiar with them. Fairies are another story, but they’re in the air. I’ve seen a few fairies in my life and they are so beautiful.

Enneagram Three
I do believe in luck because I’ve seen real examples of it. Luck comes when you least expect it, and it always creates a good result.

I don’t think I believe in leprechauns. I really don’t know much about them. Maybe I would believe in them if I knew more.

Enneagram Four
I feel like I believe in luck in the following way: When I am centered and in a good place, better things happen. I am more available to take in and be available for the good in the world.

Leprechauns are a possibility. There may be other dimensions in the universe that are only available at special times to people who believe in possibilities.

Enneagram Five (someone actually from Ireland)
As a nation we are supposed to have ‘The Luck of the Irish,’ otherwise know as ‘The Rub of the Green’! For myself, I am more of the view that you make your own luck. Very simply, the fates tend to conspire with you when you commit wholeheartedly to something.

The problem for me as a 5 is the tendency to hold something back, as there is a limited amount to give and you might be wrong or engender expectations if you commit. So to get lucky is to let go of such fears and commit fully to a course or a cause sure in the knowing that whatever happens it will have a rightness to it.

The literal and the scientific part of me says a definite no to the proposition of leprechauns. The romantic in me is drawn to the notion of ‘the little people’ as representing the dimension of existence that is not visible and is not amenable to scientific analysis. The notion of leprechauns draws attention to the other world of spirits, of good and evil. My grandmother would not commence the churning – the making of butter in a timber churn – without first shaking salt on the lid to keep the fairies/leprechauns at bay lest the butter go sour!

So I’m all for making space for the leprechauns and their other-worldly wisdom and drawing our attention to the other, the transcendent, the dimensions of existence which are beyond our ken but are no less important for that.

Enneagram Six
I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it. If I were to think about it, I’d probably say things occur in a random way. What do you mean by luck? I’m not sure what the definition is, so I’m not sure how to answer this question.

No, I do not believe in leprechauns. Why? Because I don’t think they exist. I don’t believe in fairies, either. Fairies and leprechauns are both an Irish invention. I’m an empiricist. If I can’t touch it, feel it, and hear it, I don’t believe in it.

Enneagram Seven
Of course I believe in luck, but I’d rather call it serendipity, when things come together seemingly at random, but it’s not random really.

Do I believe in Leprechauns? Well, I’m not sure but I must believe in them because I believe in everything. (laughs)

Enneagram Eight
I believe in Karma and that things always happen for a reason which may or may not be apparent at the time of “luck.”

I believe in the power of myth. I don’t know much about leprechauns. I know they are related to the Tuatha Dé Danann, and I love partaking in a little mischief myself.

Enneagram Nine
I do believe in luck. It comes at the end of having done a lot of hard work. Once you’ve put the work into something, then luck means it either works well or it doesn’t. It’s good to have luck.

Now leprechauns I don’t believe in. I’m too practical and concrete for that. But that sounds strange. How can I believe in luck, but not leprechauns? Well, that’s how it is. (laughs)

Do you believe in luck and leprechauns? Does your response say anything about your Enneagram style?

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