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Ode to Travel | The Things I Love Most in 3 Different Countries

As I am about to embark on yet another travel experience with the Enneagram, I decided to sit down and write about a few of the countries I’ve been to and what I like best in each place (besides people!).

Hong Kong | Hong Kong is like New York on steroids, and I love both cities. What stands out for me in Hong Kong is the shopping, and shopping at one store in particular: Vivienne Tam. She is a quirky and careful designer who lives in the US, but she is very big in Hong Kong, with boutiques in almost every major high-end shopping center in the city. She has these wonderful, comfortable mesh fabric pants that wash in the sink, travel so well, and go with everything. I have them in many colors, but black is my go-to color. Over several years, I have added her beautiful tops that go with these pants. All this allows me to look good enough, plus keep my clothes clean and wrinkle free (they don’t wrinkle much at all). She carries much more stock in her Hong Kong stores, they have a Chinese fusion feel, and most of her line you can’t buy here. Did I mention the few items you can buy in the US are 40% less in Hong Kong?

South Africa | They have the very best skin products ever. They not only work, but they are also organic and affordable. When I come home from there, my suitcase is stuffed with skin products. Here are my two favorite lines:Ecoco from Cape Town, which is the most natural, rich, and organic. I especially love their body butter and their help lip balm.
Justine from Johannesburg, that has original tissue oil, an oil that has cured very dry skin and does all kinds of amazing healing with scars, and more. I love their tissue oil and their tissue oil body cream.

Prague | I am in love with a hotel there, partly because of the hotel and partly due to its location. Almost everyone everywhere has heard that Prague is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and of course it is. There’s the “Old Town” and the “New Old Town,” and I am more familiar with the old “Old Town” because it is older and is full of Franz Kafka’s legacy and a great deal of old Jewish history, complete with synagogues that are gems and a Jewish cemetery that is like no other.

The Hotel Josef is right on the edge of Old Town (so it is less noisy) and within a 2-minute walk, I am in the center of “oldness” and beauty. But what I also adore about the hotel is its décor, staff, and the breakfasts. It is in an old, well-kept building with a modern interior that is minimalist and in the best of taste. When I stay there, I think I’m sleeping in an art gallery. Except, there is very little art on the walls because the furniture, interior architecture, and angles are the art. In addition, the breakfasts that come with the rooms are delicious, fresh, and…in addition to the sumptuous, but not overdone, buffet, they will make you anything you want. Eggs benedict is yours for the asking in less than 7 minutes.

I’m off to Prague (the Hotel Josef, of course)!

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