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What to Get Your Enneagram Friends for St. Patrick’s Day

We don’t normally get presents for our friends on St. Patrick’s Day, but why not? Here are some ideas for people of each Enneagram style:

Here is the perfect, practical present for those perfect and practical Ones. It’s a bouquet of edible treats (all in perfect shades of green)!

Twos like to share their resources with others, and this gift offers the opportunity to acknowledge your Two friend (always a good idea, especially when it is not expected). The cupcakes can be shared and the Two can eat the whole cake or if the Two is watching his or her weight, one cupcake for the two and the rest for everyone else!

What could be better than these green Adidas running shoes for your Three friend on the run. They can be used for sports activities (competitive ones, of course) or for running to the grocery store. Plus, they are a name brand shoe!

Nothing ordinary for your Four friend on St. Patrick’s Day. Try green sushi! Even if your friend doesn’t like Sushi, he or she will appreciate the crazy uniqueness of the idea, not to mention the effort you put in trying to find this.

Do Fives like beer? That’s hard to know, but they might enjoy a non-pressured invitation to go out with you for a social evening of relaxation and no pressure. Even when Fives act like they don’t care about social interaction, many of them secretly thirst for it!

Here are two present suggestions, one for your more phobic Six friends and the other for those who are more counter-phobic. They are different, but both are friendly. Think of these as lapel pins.

The phobic Six gift
For some reason, many phobic Sixes find the Peanuts’ characters inviting and reassuring, so here’s Linus.

The counter-phobic Six gift
Even though he’s got his dukes (fists) up ready for a fight, what a great friendly smile on his face!

You want to delight your Seven friends, so here are two different suggestions, depending on whether your friend is on the younger side or the older.

The young Seven gift: the hat

The older Seven gift: everything – the hat, ears, umbrella, bow-tie, and especially the glasses
Sometimes it takes a little more to delight an older Seven since they have already been so delighted in their lives.

This is the Shrine of St. Patrick’s Bell Tower. Your Eight friend might just enjoy this picture. Many Eights have a real and deep interest in history, so they will be amazed you even knew about this.

Now this may be the strangest gift of all: Charles and Camilla in their St. Patrick’s Day attire, plus the pose! Many Nines have very quirky senses of humor, and this might make them laugh! But don’t buy either outfit for them, as your Nine friend would never wear it (except, perhaps, to a costume party).

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