Global Enneagram Network: Senior EIBN Members

A sustainable Blue Ocean network of Enneagram professionals worldwide who share a common vision, an intention to bring the Enneagram into organizations in a highly professional, effective, and ethical way, and a commitment to the ongoing success and personal/professional development of other Enneagram professionals both inside and outside the network.

Senior Members of the Enneagram In Business Network (EIBN)

Andres Agudelo_web
Andres Agudelo
Bogota, Colombia

“Gestalt Therapy and the Enneagram provide an unparalleled way to enhance leadership capabilities and to do so across the globe.”


About Andres

Andres Agudelo, MA, is an expert consultant, trainer, and professor of the Enneagram, with experience in both private and public sectors, as well as in negotiations, team building, and psychology (Gestalt).

Starting in 1995, Andres worked for 10 years as a negotiator for media rights in international markets (France, United States, Italy and Singapore). Since then, he has trained and consulted in negotiations with a wide variety of organizations. Andres held managerial positions at the Organization Ardila Lulle and Casa Editorial El Tiempo, the second and third biggest private groups in Colombia, and was involved primarily in international negotiations for both corporations. In addition, he was a strategic advisor and consultant for the Colombian government in the negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States, as well as for the Bolivian Government in the same negotiation.

He is currently a senior consultant and partner at Tandem Insourcing, a consulting firm in Bogota, Colombia; and an associate professor in negotiation, leadership, and teambuilding at the University of Los Andes in Bogota and McGill University (Montreal and Tokyo). Andres also assists Ginger Lapid-Bogda as a co-trainer and coach in her Train-the-Trainer and other certification programs.

Andres speaks English, French, and Spanish.

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