Global Enneagram Network: Senior EIBN Members

A sustainable Blue Ocean network of Enneagram professionals worldwide who share a common vision, an intention to bring the Enneagram into organizations in a highly professional, effective, and ethical way, and a commitment to the ongoing success and personal/professional development of other Enneagram professionals both inside and outside the network.

Senior Members of the Enneagram In Business Network (EIBN)

Mahesh Deshmukh_web
Mahesh Deshmukh
Pune, India

“I use the Enneagram for deep personal growth for self and help clients build effective ways of being in relationships in an authentic and fully functional way.”


About Mahesh

Dr. Mahesh Deshmukh, PhD., MCC is a seasoned organizational consultant offering leadership/executive coaching, leadership development, personal growth, team/group coaching and assessment centers in conjunction with cutting edge technologies like Heart Math, Organization Workshop, Functional Fluency, The Leadership Circle, PM Coaching and principles of Positive Psychology.

Mahesh developed a deep understanding of organizational processes during his stint with Siemens where he honed his psychometric assessment skills. Mahesh was introduced to the Enneagram when he was trained to be a coach through New Ventures West. He later trained with IEQ in South Africa. Mahesh completed the Train-the-Trainer programs with Ginger Lapid-Bogda and has been using these methodologies for leadership development, coaching, building emotional intelligence, and team dynamics.

Today Mahesh combines his experience in the Enneagram with other methodologies in strengthening people’s capacities to deal effectively with self and others in the way they love, lead and parent. He offers programs to deepen self-awareness using a simple model of awareness-acceptance-action. Mahesh believes in authentic presence with whole hearted connection that enables each individual to truly be who he/she wishes to be. His work revolves around a simple principle of making a difference to one person every single day, however small it might be.

Mahesh speaks English, Hindi, Marathi and Telugu.

91 9820628591 (p)

Alok Narain
Alok Narain
New Delhi, India

“Learning to experience and work with emotions is just as important as accomplishing excellent results.”


About Alok

Alok Narain is an HR & OD professional who has had rich and diverse experience across various industry sectors. In terms of his career and professional development, through the years he has gained rich experience in Coaching (8+ years), Training (20+ years), Consulting/HR (12+ years), and Management (7+ years).

During his corporate career of approximately two and a half decades, he has led L & D and HR functions within diverse industry sectors, including as a Global CHRO of a medium-sized professional services company with operations across India, Europe, UK, USA, and Canada. He has had opportunities to design, develop and deploy processes as he oversaw growth from approximately 75 employees to approximately 4000 employees.

Alok speaks English, Hindi, and Maithili.

91 9811510082 (p)

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