Global Enneagram Network: Senior EIBN Members

A sustainable Blue Ocean network of Enneagram professionals worldwide who share a common vision, an intention to bring the Enneagram into organizations in a highly professional, effective, and ethical way, and a commitment to the ongoing success and personal/professional development of other Enneagram professionals both inside and outside the network.

Senior Members of the Enneagram In Business Network (EIBN)

Marina Mele
Milano, Italy

“The real value of a coach is the ability to let the coachees’ uniqueness and inner essence emerge and be a guide for the aspects that compose their everyday lives.”


About Marina

Marina Mele is an experienced coach with more than 20 years of dedication in marketing, services and sales management.

Born in Milano, Marina has three Masters Degrees, one in Education and Development of Human Resources, one in Counseling specialized in orientation for professional rules (AT Berne) and one in Natur-opathy (RIZA – Medicine and Psychosomatic Institute). Marina is a full member of WABC (Worldwide Association of Business Coaching), an Executive and Business Coach and Enneagolf International Partner (personality mind coaching, leadership and competition). She has authored “Enneagramma e Fiori di Bach” (Enneagram and Bach Flower Remedies), 2009 and “Management olistico e Costruzione del Sè in Età Adulta” (Holistic Management and the Construction of One’s Inner Self in Adult-hood), 2010. Marina has proudly received the “Best in Class CV” Award from the Marisa Belisario Foundation in 2012 and the “Women at Work” award in 2002.

After many successful years as a Marketing and Sales Director in four different Multinational Insurance Companies and Managing Director in two different Service International Companies, Marina took her experience one step further, fulfilling her belief that the real strength of a team or of a company lies, in fact, with people.

Marina speaks English and Italian.

39 327 2303952 (p)

Chiara Pasquali
Pistoia, Italy

“Using the Enneagram to support people, teams and organizations grow in awareness and develop skills in order to think, feel and act mindfully”


About Chiara

Chiara Pasquali is a WABC certified Business and Corporate Coach, Mindfulness Counsellor and Trainer. She is Co-Founder with Marina Mele (Founder) of the Global Leadership Foundation Italy, which is based on the principles of the Global Leadership Foundation. Together with her business partner, Chiara utilizes the Enneagram in coaching and supporting individuals, teams and organizations to increase emotional health and prioritize self-awareness, well-being and people management.

She has been part of EIBN since 2016 and has attended The Enneagram in Business courses in Dublin and Copenaghen. Chiara has also attended both Narrative Tradition and Enneagram Institute courses, and she is a Global Leadership Friend.

Chiara loves to integrate the Enneagram with meditation and neuroscience and, using a mindful approach, she brings well-being strategies to her clients. Her ambition is to support the client’s growth in awareness, acceptance and kindness both in life and in the workplace.

One of her missions is to support women with self-discovery, self-awareness and work-life balance. She has presented on this aspect of her work at the European Enneagram Conference in Lisbon.

+39 338155 9218 (p)

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