Global Enneagram Network: Senior EIBN Members

A sustainable Blue Ocean network of Enneagram professionals worldwide who share a common vision, an intention to bring the Enneagram into organizations in a highly professional, effective, and ethical way, and a commitment to the ongoing success and personal/professional development of other Enneagram professionals both inside and outside the network.

Senior Members of the Enneagram In Business Network (EIBN)

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Matt Ahrens
San Carlos, California, USA

“The Enneagram builds self-awareness of our strengths and challenges, provides a map for professional development, and helps in all interactions.”


About Matt

Matt Ahrens, MBA, is a seasoned organizational development consultant, corporate trainer, and executive coach, who employs the Enneagram in conjunction with proven organizational development models and self-development methods to build his clients’ emotional intelligence and professional competence.

Matt developed his corporate acumen while working for 15 years in companies such as Hewlett Packard, Intuit, Inc., and Levi Strauss & Company. He first learned the Enneagram from Helen Palmer and David Daniels, and was certified in their Enneagram Professional Training Program in 2004; and later certified as a professional coach from The Coaches Training Institute along with completion of Ginger Lapid-Bodga’s Train-the-Trainer programs.

Today, Matt combines his experience, training, and skills to strengthen leaders, transform teams, and build positive organizational culture for his clients to achieve strategic business results. Whether consulting with leaders in Fortune 500 companies, coaching CEOs of technology start-ups, or training a team of service professionals, Matt’s amiable yet assertive style helps his clients deepen their learning and move forward in their development. Matt sums up his professional development philosophy this way: “People are like trees; to grow a strong trunk and tall branches you need solid, deep roots. The Enneagram helps people develop solid, deep roots from which they can bloom.”

1 408 230 9023 (p)

Lisa Alessi
Santa Rosa, California, USA

“Using the Enneagram helps develop greater levels of self-awareness; resiliency in times of change and higher performance to achieve strategic business results.”


About Lisa

Lisa Alessi is dedicated to helping the next generation of wholehearted leaders remove obstacles to their growth and develop a deeper connection to who they are so they can lead from a position of strength and have greater impact in their roles and organizations.

Lisa is known for her insight, creativity, breadth and depth of knowledge and strong sense of curiosity to read between the lines to get below the surface of what truly motivates people so they can achieve their goals.

Having spent 30 plus years working in a diverse range of organizations, Fortune 500, government, non-profit, foundations and entrepreneurial and small business ventures, Lisa brings her experience as a coach, leader, consultant and educator to help clients and teams develop a greater level of self-awareness, clarity of purpose and compassion for themselves and those around them, critical to effective leadership.

Lisa is founder of Renaissance Leader and certified by Martha Beck as a life coach as well as Ginger Lapid-Bogda through The Enneagram in Business for Coaching and Train-the-Trainer programs. She’s also trained in the area of strength-based living with the VIA Institute, the Arbinger Institute for Conflict Resolution and is a member of the ICF.

1 707 791 7675 (p)

Sharon Ball_web
Sharon K. Ball
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

“When an individual is internally aligned, aware and conscious it opens the door for teams, organizations, communities and families to become aligned.”


About Sharon

Sharon K. Ball is a 20 year veteran licensed psychotherapist who crosses over into organizational consulting focused on aligning organizations and teams. Known as the “Business Therapist,” Sharon brings a robust skillset to her clients drawing upon years of human interaction.

Certified in The Enneagram in Business’s Train-the-Trainer, Consulting with the Enneagram, and Being in Essence, Sharon is a Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network and a member of the EIBN Social Action team. She is a Tennessee State Approved Supervisor for Addiction and Mental Health, National Board Certified Counselor and holds certifications in EMDR, TBRI, Family Courts Parent Coordinator and Trauma Informed Therapy.

Sharon integrates the Enneagram into her facilitation, corporate training, mediation and executive coaching. She has a niche in Diversity and Inclusion to bring awareness to the community and organizations in how Diversity and Inclusion not only create healthier environments, it can affect your bottom line.

After years of private practice and owning a restaurant Sharon founded 9Paths, a boutique consulting agency that provides services for small business owners, forums, non-profits, Fortune 500 and 50 organizations. She recently opened the Nashville Enneagram Center for Wellbeing, a clinically staffed counseling center providing services with a flexible scale to ensure everyone has access to excellent mental health care.

615 403 8150 (p)

Margot Burns
Denver, Colorado, USA

“Before You Take On The World, Better Take On Yourself – The Enneagram will help you do just that. When you know yourself deeply you are free to savor life and master leadership.”


About Margot

Margot Burns is a leadership coach with a passion for working with women leaders and their teams in industries including healthcare, finance, law, and non-profits. Margot brings over 30 years of experience as a business owner, rehabilitation counselor, expert witness and professional coach. She became certified as an Enneagram teacher in 2014 and as a coach in 2018. Margot utilizes her Enneagram In Business training to guide leaders and teams toward mastery and excellence in team dynamics, communication, conflict resolution, feedback, and performance-driven mindset shift.

Margot’s coaching results in heart-full, integrated, and compassionate leadership. Her philosophy is this: When you know yourself deeply, you have freedom to live and lead with an open heart, create impactful change, and inspire others to bring out the very best in themselves.

A subspecialty for Margot is working with people who want to change their relationship with food and alcohol. She is a certified Gray Area Drinking coach and uses the Enneagram along with strategies based in neuroscience to combat stress and integrate new, healthy habits.

Margot is in service to the Enneagram Prison Project as a coach to formerly incarcerated individuals and as part of their stewardship circle. She is also a volunteer with the Center for Work, Education, and Employment in Denver, CO.

 303 489 9590 (p)

Brian Gast new_web flip
Brian Gast
Denver, Colorado, USA

“I use the Enneagram to help executives and entrepreneurs be more so they can do less.


About Brian

Brian Gast is an executive coach and top team facilitator. Brian helps his clients increase their self-mastery and leadership range and capacity with a focus on expanding communication and relationship skills. Brian’s core clients are C-level executives of mid-sized US-based companies. In addition to his work supporting executives with their leadership development, Brian works with executives and entrepreneurs navigating professional and personal transitions including role and employer changes, launching entrepreneurial plans, shifting vocational paths at mid-life and preparing for retirement.

Prior to launching his coaching practice in 2001, Brian had been the CEO of three telecom companies, one publicly-traded and the other venture-backed. Brian was a co-founder of all three of these companies. Prior to his CEO experience, Brian was a banker and venture capitalist.

Brian is the author of The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment and Others Don’t, a book that describes Brian’s personal transformation and the process he uses with high-achieving executives seeking greater balance and well-being.

Brian holds a Masters of Business Administration, is a certified coach with extensive training and experience with the Enneagram. Brian is a member of YPO as well as a Certified Forum Facilitator for YPO.

1 303 884 1788 (p)

Anne Geary
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

A fulfilling life is directly related to the quality of relationships. The Enneagram illuminates the path to help both us and others be our best selves.”


About Anne

Anne Geary is a transformational consultant who takes high performing teams from good to great. While teaching the Enneagram, she motivates each member to develop their capacity for deep self-awareness, empathy for others, and to gain insight into the gifts, challenges and blind spots of self and other.

Anne is an international Enneagram Association Accredited Professional and holds certifications with The Enneagram in Business, The Enneagram Institute, and the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition. Her work on the impact of Emotional Intelligence is published in “Cinemeducation: Using Film and Other Visual Media in Graduate and Medical Education.” Anne has presented her original work integrating the Enneagram and The Twelve Steps of Recovery at numerous global Enneagram conferences both within and outside the US.

She is the founder of Enneagram Charlotte serving the Healthcare, Education and Recovery Communities. Previously, she was the CEO and owner of an architectural design firm in the commercial real estate industry for over 25 years.

1 704 331 9800 (p)

Tom Hattersley
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

“I help executives better understand themselves and others to enable them to better manage themselves and others.”


About Tom

Tom Hattersley is an accomplished executive consultant, leader and teacher of linking individual performance to strategy.

Tom has 40 plus years of varied human resources management experience, having held senior executive positions with The Kroger Co., Cintas Corp., International Paper and Cincinnati Bell. He has served on several boards, including privately held companies and a private university, and has taught human resources management at the graduate school level. He holds a law degree from Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University, and has attended executive education programs at Duke University, Michigan University, and Harvard University. Further, Tom is certified in a number of personality assessments, such as the Devine Inventory and the Hogan Personality Inventory. He holds a certificate from the International Coach Federation based on the Enneagram, is a Senior Member of The Enneagram In Business Network and has completed the Enneagram Studies In The Narrative Tradition Professional Training Program.

Tom is a partner of Pathway Guidance, a consulting practice in Cincinnati, and is the founder of its proprietary performance management system – Starway Service. Currently, the primary focus of his practice is executive coaching, both individuals and teams. Helping executives better understand themselves and others, he enables them to better manage themselves and others.

1 513 841 0888 (p)

Jennifer Joss
Jennifer Joss
Ashland, Oregon, USA

I apply the Enneagram in practice-based development work, using ‘how you are’ to take ‘what you do’ to the next level of performance.”


About Jennifer

Jennifer Joss has been an executive coach and consultant for 20 years, helping leaders improve their energy and strategic focus, relationships and influence, and ultimately, their performance.

Jennifer holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Harvard and a PhD in psychology from Stanford. She taught Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Master in Management program at Southern Oregon University for eight years. She has worked with leaders in for-profit and non-profit organizations in fields from healthcare, government, and academia to technology, retail, and hospitality.

As a certified Enneagram in Business trainer, Jennifer uses the Enneagram system in most of her work to help improve team dynamics, focus individual development, and improve organizational performance. She coaches individuals and teams, and delivers custom development programs for high-potential leaders, with an emphasis on achieving business and personal outcomes through increased social and emotional intelligence (using How you ARE to improve What you DO). She is currently building a website and book to bring this transformational work to a wider audience.

1 541 621 2137 (p)

Anne Muree_web
Anne Mureé
Hopkins, Minnesota, USA

“I am a transformational coach and Enneagram educator, committed to seeing and supporting your potential and actualizing your unique gifts.”


About Anne

Anne Mureé is a Transformational/Executive Coach and Enneagram Educator. She provides clarity, insight, support, and a growth experience for her clients as they connect with their authentic selves, improve their quality of life, and move toward fulfilling their potential in their personal and professional lives.

Anne has used the Enneagram personally and professionally for 30 years and brings to her work a deep understanding of the Enneagram. As an executive in an international corporation for 15 years, she used the Enneagram to build teams, enhance her leadership skills, and maximize the potential of individuals in the company. Since then, she has coached hundreds of executives and individuals throughout the country in large and small companies, and from all walks of life. Anne is certified to teach the Enneagram by Don Riso, Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, David Daniels, and Claudio Naranjo. Anne is active in the Minnesota Chapter of the IEA and has served on the IEA Board.

Anne is currently the founder and president of Olive Branchways, a coaching and training firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Making a difference in the lives of individuals and groups has been Anne’s lifelong dream and commitment, and she has found the Enneagram to be a powerful map for her own transformations and those of her clients.

1 952 933 1320 (p)

Peter O'Hanrahan_web
Peter O’Hanrahan
Richmond, California, USA

“The Enneagram is the most effective method to promote self-awareness, reduce conflict, build relationships, and appreciate human diversity.”


About Peter

Peter O’Hanrahan is an accomplished Enneagram teacher, author, and holistic counselor who considers the Enneagram a vital tool for self-development and relationships at home and at work.

In 1978, as the director of the Center for Human Growth in Berkeley, California, Peter began his Enneagram study with Helen Palmer and Kathleen Speeth, PhD, and hosted the first public classes of the system while making it part of his program of counseling, support groups, and body therapy. During the 1980s, he taught classes using the panel interview method, now called the Narrative Tradition in the Palmer/Daniels school. He began teaching in organizations in 1994 and co-authored a self-published training guide, “Transformational Leadership.” He has worked with software companies, small businesses, hospital staffs, government agencies, and church congregations, with a focus on using the Enneagram for effective communication, leadership excellence, and the development of high-performing teams.

Through his company Enneagram Work, Peter is currently a trainer for the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) and teaches workshops on leadership and the Enneagram, the 27 subtypes, and the “Embodied Enneagram” throughout the world. After 35 years, he still finds the Enneagram to be the most effective method available to promote self-awareness, reduce conflict, build bridges between individual and groups, and gain an appreciation for human diversity.

1 510 234 1600 (p)

Erin Rocchio V3 TEIB
Erin Rocchio
San Diego, California, USA

“The Enneagram reminds us that we are all whole, wise and worthy; deep change happens when we feel seen and we can connect to what matters to us most.”


About Erin

For the last decade, Erin has worked with executives across industries to find the sweet spot between business results and personal meaning. She designs and delivers transformational leader, team, and organization development in line with business strategy. Erin creates capacity for her clients to thrive, lead, and impact the areas they care about most.

Erin’s clients are curious, open, emotionally intelligent leaders up to big things. She works with C-level executives at billion-dollar companies and founders of proven start-ups, helping them cultivate sustainable, high-performing teams based on metrics that drive engagement and results. All of her work includes thoughtful, strategic communications and a deep exploration of a leader’s innate perspective through the Enneagram personality system.

Since 2016, Erin Rocchio Consulting, Inc. has focused on Executive Coaching and Organization Development specifically for: Leadership Acceleration, Burnout Relief/Prevention, Team and Culture Development. In addition, Erin speaks about innovations in emotional intelligence, leadership, positive psychology, and sustainable performance in the workplace.

Erin earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University, and a Master of Science in Positive Organization Development and Change (MPOD) from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management. A member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council, Erin is a certified Integral Coach with Integral Coaching Canada and a Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network. She holds additional certifications in Advanced Coaching with the Enneagram, a robust personality typing system (via Enneagram in Business) and Developing Leadership with Emotional Intelligence (via CWRU).

Erin enjoys her free time watching her two young daughters discover the wonders of life around them. Together with her husband, they explore their beloved San Diego community, nature walks, art museums and more. Erin also has a soft spot for talking global politics and poetry. More than ever, she is an advocate for the development of young women as leaders in their communities.

714 277 8332 (p)

John semeraro V2
John Semeraro
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

“Leveraging the Enneagram helps individuals, teams, and organizations become more aware and aligned with actions that lead to more wins in work and life.”


About John

​John Semeraro founded Leading Wins as a full-service individual coaching, team development and organizational engagement company.  Based out of Charleston, SC. Leading Wins offers a whole person, whole team and whole organization approach focused on awareness, alignment and action.

All individuals bring unique gifts, strengths and opportunities for development. By focusing on the whole person, we are better able to generate greater understanding for the path of growth through evaluation of personal values, motivations, attitudes, intelligence, skills and experience. This approach helps catapult individuals, teams and businesses as leadership potential is elevated and more effective, efficient and lifelong growth is achieved.  Leading Wins has assisted in driving results, developing talent, equipping leaders and nurturing success across a global scale.  John has worked with a wide range of industry sectors that includes healthcare, retail, financial services, sports, entertainment, technology, education, start-ups and nonprofits. John is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is actively involved in bringing the Enneagram to professionals by serving as a Senior Member for the Enneagram in Business Network (EIBN). John holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Saint Leo University, along with two Masters degrees at Ohio University in Business Administration (MBA) and Sports Administration (MSA).

813 997 8820 (p)

Leanne Smullen_web
Leanne Smullen
Denver, Colorado, USA

“The Enneagram helps leaders dive deep into their development and fully engage in their team’s learning, performance and well-being.”


About Leanne

Leanne Smullen brings a unique breadth of experience to her coaching and training. She coaches senior leaders, develops teams, and helps founders build thriving, inclusive, and engaged cultures. Leanne has served 21 years as an Army officer and has enjoyed the privilege of being a part of 4 tech or startup leadership teams.

She uses these experiences to help leaders reflect on what they value, uncover their gifts and address the blindspots that are holding them back. Leanne has a passion for building and promoting thriving, equitable company cultures, and positively impacting recruiting and retention efforts for people of all backgrounds. She has developed holistic people strategies and created workshops for organizations to address systemic issues and remove barriers for underrepresented groups, leading to more inclusive environments and engaged teams.

Using the Enneagram and these experiences, Leanne has launched coaching programs and held workshops focused on helping teams improve communication, manage conflict, improve feedback, and build trust. Leanne is a certified Integral Coach™ from New Ventures West, and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Leanne speaks English.

303 718 2800 (p)

Deni Tato
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

“The Enneagram allows you to leverage the full use of your power and unlimited potential along the lines of excellence.”


About Deni

As President of Corporate Consciousness, an executive coaching and team transformation company, Deni infuses her work with business savvy, innovation, and a results driven philosophy.

Deni was President of Conscious Dynamic. Being a true entrepreneur, she created Corporate Consciousness in 2015. She is a certified Enneagram teacher in the narrative tradition, as well as a certified executive/life coach. In 2014, Deni was recognized by the Business Courier with a Second Act Award. This is given to a professional who has successfully launched a second career, following an outstanding first career.

Deni was the founder, CEO/President of Contract Interiors, a premier commercial furniture dealership. Her award winning company was consistently recognized over her 23 years of leadership as one the largest and most successful woman-owned businesses in the region.

After discovering the Enneagram in 2005, she became passionate about integrating and sharing her knowledge and business experience with the corporate community through the use of the Enneagram. Deni focuses her efforts primarily on Fortune 500 companies. Proctor and Gamble, Toyota, and Cincinnati Bell are long standing clients. Women owned businesses are also an area of expertise.

Deni supports each client along a new path of creativity, useful change, growth and profitability.

1 513 378 8640 (p)

John Trakselis
Riverside, Illinois, USA

“I help others get clear on what they want and assist them in overcoming blocks, obstacles and limiting beliefs in order to achieve worthwhile goals and ideals.”


About John

John Trakselis, MBA and CPA by training, is in his fourth career. He has been a CPA; a financial, administrative and operations corporate executive; an executive recruiter; and most recently a business, executive and life coach by virtue of his responsibilities as a Chair for Vistage International.

His business experience covers a variety of industries: manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, high tech, E-Commerce (B2B and B2C), health care (providers, payers, intermediaries and manufacturers), wholesale distribution, transportation (railroad and trucking), public utilities (electric, gas water), telecommunications, logistics, and professional service companies. As a corporate executive, he had responsibility for retail and wholesale operations, light manufacturing, finance, information systems, and human resources. He brings significant executive experience directing finance, HR and information systems departments; and in leading strategic planning, marketing, acquisitions and divestiture initiatives.

Over the years, he has developed and demonstrated a strong interest and proficiency in coaching others. He knows that growth occurs when the values of care, challenge and trust are present in any relationship, especially a coaching relationship. John also knows from experience that individual leaders grow stronger and more effective when they are connected with others and have access to the best thinking, ideas, input and coaching.

1 708 369 9068 (p)

Jerry Wagner_web
Jerry Wagner
Evanston, Illinois, USA

To be effective, we need to use all nine players on our outer and inner team to engage with life.”


About Jerry

Jerome (Jerry) Wagner, PhD, is an accomplished clinical psychologist, therapist, consultant, lecturer, researcher, and author.

Among the earliest practitioners of the Enneagram, Jerry’s dissertation was one of the first written descriptions of the Enneagram and pioneered formal studies on this system. He is the author of Nine Lenses on the World: the Enneagram Perspective and The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: an Introductory Guide. His Enneagram inventory Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS) which can be taken online at was favorably reviewed in Buros’s Mental Measurements Yearbook. Jerry has taught the Enneagram since 1980, began his Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program in 1995, and has offered workshops around the world. He has been on the Board of Directors of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and recently honored as a Founder, was the keynote speaker for the 2010 IEA Global Conference and the 2013 China Conference, and was co-editor of The Enneagram Journal.

Currently a faculty member in the psychology department at Loyola University, Chicago, Jerry also maintains a therapy and consulting practice. In business venues, he shows the nine styles’ values, visions and vulnerabilities, leadership strengths and weaknesses, and contributions to effective teams. In educational settings, he highlights the teaching and learning preferences of each style. In spiritual settings, he illuminates each style’s higher dimensions along with ways of developing these potentials. With therapists and coaches, he demonstrates the Enneagram’s usefulness in working with individuals, couples, and groups.

1 847 400 6507 (p)

Christine Watkins_web
Christine Watkins Davies
Denver, Colorado, USA

“When working with clients facing a variety of challenges, utilizing the Enneagram helps to illuminate the invisible and provide a road map to clarity.”


About Christine

Christine Watkins Davies specializes in providing leadership coaching utilizing her knowledge of the Enneagram and leadership development strategies. By increasing self-awareness skills, clients begin to identify what is blocking their progress towards individual or organizational goals. Clients are also able to improve communication skills, generate more confidence and empowerment, and gain a better understanding of those they lead.

Christine is a PCC ICF certified coach through New Ventures West and The Enneagram in Business. The Enneagram has brought greater clarity, understanding, and bandwidth for leaders, teams, and organizations when navigating through challenges. Additionally, Christine is a Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator through Dr. Brené Brown and she is also a Certified Conflict Coach through Common Ground Mediation and Coaching. Christine holds a Master’s Degree in Contemplative Education & Practices from Naropa University. Her thesis focus was on Mindful Leadership. She holds a BA in Occupational Therapy from St. Catherine University.

Christine is a member of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado’s Power of Extended Philanthropy (PEP) program. She is also a volunteer phone coach for ambassadors of the Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) program who are re-entering society. EPP is a non-profit dedicated to the self-awareness education of the incarcerated using the Enneagram.


1 303 947 0052 (p)

Jorja White_web
Jorja White
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

“Engaging and transforming individuals and teams in a deep journey to the core of their identity, gifts, presence and impact.” 


About Jorja

I have studied and used the Enneagram for over a decade with both one-on-one clients as well as business teams. As a process implementation analyst for a venture capital company, I do company-wide as well as team development, personal development, and Enneagram typing. I teach the Enneagram from a psycho-spiritual perspective, and on a personal level, the wisdom of the Enneagram has given me a path forward in changing and shaping my personal growth, my life, and my relationships.

As a mentor, coach, writer, speaker, and advocate, I am passionate about empowering women, as I believe there is a wealth of untapped wisdom and goodness that our world needs in the hearts of women who are underdeveloped and, thus, underutilized. I also care deeply about social justice, particularly about the impact of race and poverty.

1 205 329 1707 (p)

JoannaW Headshot
Joanna Williams
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Enneagram is one of the best tools available to help leaders build self-awareness, excel as a leader, and build great teams


About Joanna

Joanna is an executive coach and leadership development specialist who helps you understand and leverage your unique leadership DNA so you become a leader worth following in your business, community, and home. Executives increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and the relational capital required to lead effectively through their work with her. You’ll apply learning discoveries to real-time situations, helping you navigate tactical challenges while deepening your understanding of the underlying themes of the challenges you face. Need help with your team? Joanna can help you build and develop your team through coaching and training designed to increase employee engagement and cultivate powerful communication, collaboration, consensus-informed decision making, and conflict management. If you want to be more effective and make a difference in your organization, Joanna can help you maximize your impact AND your organization’s bottom line without sacrificing your integrity, peace of mind, or personal life. Joanna draws on her diverse experience from Fortune 100 to non-profit with helpful insights and resources. She has coached and trained dozens of leaders, helping them maximize their leadership capacity for change that lasts, hits the organization’s bottom line results, and increases your influence in relationships both personal and professional. She holds an MBA from Owen Graduate School of Management.

Joanna speaks English.

615 430 7714 (p)

Monirah Womack
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“Helping organizations enlarge their capacity to lead and work from their strengths, while individuals find a greater capacity for being their best selves.”


About Monirah

Monirah Womack is a valued consultant, facilitator, and trainer who helps organizations and their people grow and sustain mutually productive, satisfying, and rewarding business relationships.

After a 30-year HR and organization development career with global firms consulting with clients of all kinds, Monirah is delighted to focus on what she loves and does best: serving as a trail guide on the journey of productive workplace change and development. She is passionate about helping organizations enlarge their capacity to lead and work from their strengths, and about helping individuals find a greater capacity for being their best selves in work and vocation. Monirah is certified through the Palmer-Daniels’ Enneagram Professional Training Program and the Enneagram in Business. Her specialty is facilitating the development of individual and organizational emotional intelligence and behavioral competence that produces healthy relationship capital, an essential asset for optimizing business performance.

Currently with On Purpose: Relationship Capital At Work, at an organizational level, Monirah helps organizations uncover what sets them apart, using an energizing discovery and strategic planning process focused on enhancing employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and business performance. At the work group level, she facilitates building of interpersonal skills and team performance with the Enneagram as the foundation, integrated with proven training and process consulting models.

1 404 874 2010 (p)

Jamie Ziegler New photo
Jamie Ziegler
Wilmette, Illinois, USA

“The Enneagram helps leaders and their teams improve self-awareness, collaboration and productivity by providing a clear road map for improvement.”


About Jamie

Jamie is an investment management consultant, author and speaker whose 30-year career has taken her to many of the industry’s best respected companies. From the boardrooms of global, multi-asset class managers to the offices of hedge fund start-ups, Jamie has helped hundreds of investment leaders and their teams leverage their talent to achieve breakthrough results. Jamie pioneered the investment industry use of the Enneagram more than a dozen years ago. She recently co-authored “Type, Talent and Teams: Using the Enneagram for Investment Firm Success,” a practical and actionable guidebook for investment industry professionals.

847 525 4957 (p)

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