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Learning Portal Membership

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Join the Enneagram Learning Portal so you can deepen your Enneagram knowledge and skills at your own pace and location. With an abundance of theory, concepts, examples, and development ideas, you can follow your interests, augment your reading, and enhance your workshop experiences. Yearly subscriptions are $150 USD. For corporate rates, please contact us directly at Info@TheEnneagramInBusiness.com or (310) 829-3309.


What You Will Find Inside

Interactions at Work
At the click of a button, you can find out how the nine types interact at work – when it is productive or difficult – and learn what you can do to improve general interactions, the manager-employee relationship, and the performance review. Or, you can find out how you can be easy or difficult for anyone to work with, then what you can do to make it better. You can also learn about the five most important triggers for each type – behavior that almost always upsets individuals of that type – and what you can do so you don’t step on these triggers unnecessarily.

The Enneagram in Depth
Learn about the nine styles from witty and wise Jerry Wagner, starting with the polarities of each type; get answers to your most important Enneagram questions from Bea Chestnut; watch an Enneagram Subtype or a Centers of Intelligence DVD; learn about the defense mechanisms of each type and why these matter; and read about how culture affects your Enneagram type.

Advanced Business Applications
Offering in-depth theory and practice about organizational applications of the Enneagram, including: communication, conflict, decision making, feedback, sales and teams. New applications will be added on a regular basis.

Self-Development Activities
Development activities for each style abound: targeted personal growth activities; original bodywork activities by Peter O’Hanrahan; activities that catalyze transformational development; and an integrated, holistic development planning process.

Expert coaches of each type answer an important monthly coaching question; learn the strengths, development areas, and development activities for coaches of each type; and become wiser to the ways in which clients of each type may unintentionally undermine the coaching interactions.

Great leaders are always learning. Read nine different cases studies describing excellent leaders of each type, with commentary from three expert coaches; review the seven most important leadership competencies in depth with type-specific development activities for each competency; have some fun and watch the Leader’s Bookshelf slide show.

Learn how your training style is directly related to your Enneagram type and how to become even more versatile; access new Enneagram-training activities; and read important tips about how to teach the Enneagram and its work applications.

Learn how your consulting strengths and weakness are directly related to your Enneagram type and how to use the system to grow and become even more effective; gain insight into clients of the nine types; and learn how to integrate your best models and practices with the Enneagram – the Johari Window is used as an example.

Enneagram Learning Portal members can access free webinars.

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