Social action Enneagram emergence

Now is the time when social action is needed more than ever and everywhere. The Enneagram is a superb way to help this happen. All the material below has been developed over multiple meetings and multiple months.

Why the Enneagram in social action and social justice?

The Enneagram’s Unique Value
Strengthens perception and the capacity for self-awareness
Develops leadership and participation skills at refined and integrated degrees of purpose and effectiveness
Is cross-sectoral – can be used in for-profit, nonprofit, and government sectors, and among various kinds of social justice initiatives
Is cross-cutting developmentally, helping to navigate impasses and encourage authentic diversity and inclusion
Creates an objective mirror and a strong foundation for individual and collective transformation
Is pan-geographic and is relevant to a continuum of change agents advocating at the hyper-local to global levels

The Enneagram in Business Network’s Social Action Emergence Team strives to cultivate a creative consciousness, utilizing the Enneagram as a map of guidance for transformation. We are a collaborative group committed to elevating the level of grace and understanding across all cultures. While honoring differences, we seek to celebrate our unity through our diversity. We strive to give voice to the disadvantaged and make a difference in this world.

Our mission is to have the Enneagram to emerge as a visceral web of connection where all people can see themselves in a new light, develop harmony within themselves, and begin to live with a new consciousness

For whom | schools, communities of faith, children, women, mental health, disadvantaged populations, leaders, vulnerable populations, cross cultural work, and the list is much longer


Principles and values upon which all strategies are based
Truth and wisdom
Global harmony
Transcendent morality
Universal principles and ethics
Generativity in relationships
Stepping into opportunity
Empowering self-direction
Universal faith: that we belong here; if we do the right thing, it’s good in the long run
Fostering self-actualization
Tending to the universal rather than individual interests
Social justice

Strategy 1 | Transform social systems 10X, including replicability
Strategy 2 | Create structures and processes that align with our vision, mission and values
Strategy 3 | Develop partners and collaborators with a similar level of resonance

The team is currently refining the three strategies, then creating relevant architecture, processes and tactics.


10X technologies
Our actions will be focused on technologies and platforms that generate 10X innovation rather than on approaches that are not transformative or are uncertain to be effective.
“Innovation happens when you improve something by 10 times rather than by 10%.”
~ Larry Page, Google founder

Conscious systems for our own design, plus partner and collaborator selection
We’ll choose our partners and collaborators from individuals and groups who share our vision and who are functioning at the Blue or Green levels: Generative and Sustainable. We’ll offer services to organizations who share our vision and mission no matter what level: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange or Red. Our offers may be different for those at different levels.

Emergent structures
Emergent phenomena exert much more power than the sum of their parts; they always possess new capacities different from the local actions that engendered them. They also do the following:
Embrace new ways of seeing, learning, and doing that marry emergent solutions with intentional outcomes
Rather than deriving outcomes by rigid adherence to preconceived strategies and tactics, they address complex problems by focusing on creating effective rules for interaction

Under conditions of complexity, predetermined solutions can neither be reliably ascertained nor implemented. Instead, the rules of interaction that govern collective impact lead to changes in individual and organizational behavior that create an ongoing progression of alignment, discovery, learning and emergence. Previously unnoticed solutions and resources from inside or outside the community are identified and adopted. Existing organizations find new ways of working together that produce better outcomes.

Collective impact
Collective impact is not merely a new process that supports the same social sector solutions but an entirely different model of social progress. The power of collective impact lies in the heightened vigilance that comes from multiple organizations looking for resources and innovations through the same lens, the rapid learning that comes from continuous feedback loops, and the immediacy of action that comes from a unified and simultaneous response among all participants.

A term coined by American professor Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, intersectionality refers to cultural patterns of oppression that are not only interrelated, but are also bound together and influenced by the intersectional systems within society. It examines the complex, cumulative manner in which the effects of different forms of discrimination combine, overlap, or intersect.

Social action Enneagram emergence team
Team lead | Ginger Lapid-Bogda (USA)
Sharon Ball (USA)
Adelaida Harrison (Mexico)
Tom Hattersley (USA)
Kathy Jankowski (USA)
Phil Shovlin (Ireland)
Christine Watkins (USA)
David Wetton (UK)