Ginger has been coaching global and local leaders for over 35 years, offering a variety of coaching structures – from ongoing weekly in-person or telephone sessions to intensive multi-day coaching retreats that focus on growth and transformation deeply and without outside distractions. Using the Enneagram enables clients to make dramatic developmental strides quickly because the coaching conversations are extremely focused and insightful, development activities are tailored to specific client needs, and clients become empowered to do development work on their own.

Ginger also conducts two well-respected ICF accredited programs (ACSTH) around the world: “Coaching with the Enneagram” (40.5 ICF credits) and “Advanced Coaching with the Enneagram” (41 ICF credits).

Our coaching philosophy

Clients are already well-resourced; the function of coaching is to access their internal resources more fully.

Clients work best from aspiration and inspiration; the coach’s job is to elicit the client’s most genuine aspirations and then inspire, going in-depth with a forward momentum.

All coaching is 100% confidential; this supports trust and growth.

Clients exist in a context – organizational, cultural, demographic – and these must factor into all coaching engagements.