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What is Enneagram type | Part 1

IS THE ENNEAGRAM PERSONALITY, CHARACTER OR EGO STRUCTURE? The Enneagram, a profound way of understanding people from all cultures, describes the nine fundamental architectures of human beings. Although the Enneagram is often referred to as a personality system, it is

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Enneagram typing | family and culture overlays

In discovering our Enneagram types, there can often be overlays on top of our core type, family overlays and culture overlays among them. Hopefully, this blog helps to clarify some of the confusion. Family overlays There are many overlay factors

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Development | truthfulness

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. ~ Buddha Some say the truth will set you free. Others believe that truth is relative, depending on one’s point of view and perspective. Or, is the

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Enneagram typing | most common methods for teaching type

There are many ways to teach the Enneagram system and to help others find their Enneagram type accurately. However, any method used requires the person teaching the Enneagram to know the Enneagram themselves in depth. MOST COMMON METHODS FOR TEACHING

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Enneagram typing | why is accurate typing so important?

One of the most challenging and important aspects of working with the Enneagram in any setting is “getting type right.” Here is why this matters so much. Discovering type supports accurate self-observation Mistyped people pay attention to the wrong things

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development tip_feedback4

Development | giving feedback

We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve. ~ Bill Gates Here are some tips for keeping your own Enneagram type tendencies from interfering with your feedback delivery, especially when giving negative or constructive feedback.

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More songs for each enneagram type

The first blog on songs for each enneagram type from October 2017 was so popular, here is a part 2, with a set of new songs and lyrics. When played along with the melody, they become even more amusing. One

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