Coaching is the fastest-growing human development profession, and there’s a good reason why. Coaching targets the specific needs and goals of the client and is focused, first, on deep understanding and, second, on effective actions to take. When the Enneagram is used with coaching clients, coaching goes faster, deeper and is more sustainable because of these three factors. The Enneagram offers:

  • Accurate identification the client’s strengths and growth areas
  • Type-based development activities targeted to specific skills
  • Clients a precise way to pursue development on their own 

Beginning | The Coaching Agreement

Our Enneagram coaching begins with the accurate identification on the client’s Enneagram type and the clarification of the client’s coaching goals. This establishes the coaching agreement. If you are already familiar with the Enneagram, coaching begins with a confirmation of your type and then to the identification of your coaching needs and intentions.

Clients come with a wide variety of coaching goals: being a more effective listener, improving their relationship with their boss or co-workers, finding their deeper purpose, becoming a better leader, making more effective decisions, wanting a promotion, reducing their stress levels, and more. The Enneagram helps with almost any issue or goal by providing a deeper understanding and optimal steps for forward momentum.

Middle | The Coaching Process

We use the Wisdom Pyramid during the coaching process, starting with Data regarding your coaching goals and intentions.

End | The Coaching Ending

At the end of coaching, clients feel more confident and competent, experience a greater sense of being well-resourced, be more skilled, and have a clearer sense of direction. They also have a firmer sense of agency – empowered to take control of their lives – and the ability to enhance their personal and professional relationships.

One-to-One Coaching Formats

We offer clients several coaching formats depending on their needs and availability. These can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as many sessions as needed. Sessions vary from 1-3 hours and can be in-person or virtual.

In addition, we offer in-person Coaching Intensives over a two-day period that are ideal for busy professionals, as well as people who like the depth and breadth that intensive coaching offers.

Coaching Circles

We offer Coaching Circles for organizations, made up of 3-5 people facilitated by an Enneagram coach. The purpose of these ongoing circles is to provide a supportive group to explore personal and professional development and to learn from each another. These circles typically meet once every two weeks for three hours and can be virtual or in-person.

Coaching for Leaders and HR

Do your leaders want to enrich their coaching skills? Are your HR professionals eager to gain more insight and skills as coaches? We offer several options that leverage the Enneagram and are tailored to your organization’s needs:

Custom Programs

  • Leader as Coach (virtual or in-person)
  • Coaching for HR Professionals (virtual or in-person)

These programs, from two to five days long, are engaging, interactive, and skill-focused.

ICF Accredited Coaching Programs

We offer two different ICF (International Coaching Federation) programs, both of which are currently under review to meet the ICF standards and requirements of a leveled accreditation program (Level 1 ), and can be done virtually or in-person for your organization: Coaching with the Enneagram 1.0 and Advanced Coaching with the Enneagram 2.0. Both programs increase your coaching capabilities while providing ample opportunities for your own self-development as a person, a coach and a leader.

How Using the Enneagram Enhances Coaching

These are the personal benefits of using the Enneagram, according to the 2022 global survey of almost 800 people worldwide. The percentage number reflects the percentage of global respondents indicating this factor was a strong benefit of using the Enneagram.

“Ginger’s brilliance lies in her natural ability to attune into the depths of the human soul.”

~ Anne Geary, Enneagram coach, consultant, and founder of Enneagram Charlotte

Our ICF-accredited coaching programs are available to the public. Details here.

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