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The Enneagram in Business: who we are and the resources we offer

Founded in 2003 by Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD, the Enneagram in Business is dedicated to increasing competence and consciousness in organizations worldwide using the Enneagram, often integrated with other time-tested and innovative approaches These include the behavioral sciences, psychology, management theory and practice, leadership development, and self-development approaches, such as mindfulness, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Gestalt, neuroscience, and more.

Our intention is to increase both capability and possibility at the individual, leadership, team, organizational, and community levels. To this end, we offer best-in-class resources to bring the Enneagram to organizations. These include professional services for companies; numerous professional certificate programs for trainers, coaches, and consultants; 30 full-color hard copy training and 8 virtual training tools, the app “Know Your Type” for iOS, free Enneagram eBooks, Enneagram maps for the wall and floor, and an online subscription-based Enneagram Learning Portal.

Ginger uses all these resources herself, as have thousands of others globally. Because we are committed to social justice and social change, we also offer reduced rates to individuals and organizations that provide services to underserved communities. If this is your situation please contact us directly.

Enneagram resources on this site

Many of these resources are available free; others are available for purchase in our online store. To view the wide variety of robust resources offered by The Enneagram in Business, click on the icons below.

Enneagram Resources: Books, Research, Articles

Books, research, case studies, and articles

Add to your Enneagram knowledge through books by Ginger Lapid-Bogda and Senior EIBN Members, important research studies conducted by the EIBN about the Enneagram’s organizational use, plus case studies and articles.

Enneagram Resources: Hard Copy Tools

Training tools | hard copy

We sell 30 full-color, hard-copy training tools for a wide variety of Enneagram business applications: communication, conflict, leadership, teams, sales, and more. These are invaluable resources for your training, coaching, and personal growth.

Enneagram Resources: Virtual Training Tools

Training tools | virtual

We offer 8 full-color, virtual training tools for different Enneagram business applications. These virtual training tools have some, but not all, of the same information as the hard copy tools. A useful resource for virtual training programs and coaching.

Enneagram Resources: Certificate Programs

Certificate programs

We provide multiple certificate programs: 2 coaching programs (ICF accredited); 3 Train-the-Trainer programs that teach how to bring the Enneagram into organizations; and other programs to refine your typing or deepen your skill set.

Enneagram Resources: Know Your Type App

Enneagram app

Innovative and informative, the app “Know Your Type” is available on iOS (Apple) and Kindle (Amazon). This app contains an animated typing section as well as an array of other interactive Enneagram information and applications.

Enneagram Resources: Enneagram Symbol Maps

Enneagram symbol maps

You can purchase four different full-color Enneagram symbol designs, 54” x 54” (large) for the floor and 28” x 28” (small) for the wall. These beautiful maps of the Enneagram symbol have lightweight fabric for travel and are fully washable.

Enneagram Resources: Enneagram Learning Portal

Enneagram Learning Portal

Interactive and full of color, the Enneagram Learning Portal provides state-of-the-art Enneagram-based knowledge and insights. Perfect for coaches, trainers, HR professionals, and others who want to increase their Enneagram capabilities.

Enneagram Resources: Free eBooks

Free eBooks

Read, share, and enjoy these full-color and entirely virtual free eBooks, on a wide variety of different topics, containing both concise content and compelling graphics for your insight and learning. Feel free to share with others.


“With her vast experience working with so many individuals, Ginger has the beautiful ability to let people see themselves clearly. It is really hard to deliver depth simply, but she does it with so much grace and ease. Definitely a guide to go to for your self-development journey.”

Alice Yuen, MSc, author of The Tribal Enneagram: An Illustrated Guide to the Nine Types of the Human Psyche (Singapore)

“Ginger is an incredibly rare teacher who brings a nuance of understanding the Enneagram and people that I have not witnessed in any other Enneagram teacher. Ginger’s programs have helped me to do deep transformative work with people around the world.”

Milton Stewart, MBA, Enneagram coach, trainer and consultant, podcast host, and founder of Kaizen Career, Coaching and Consulting (USA)

“Ginger brings a powerful presence to her teaching. A highly skilled teacher, Ginger brings engagement, aliveness, and connection to her programs. She is also a gifted facilitator of life-giving conversations who creates memorable moments, inspiration, clarity, and depth of understanding and she brings out the best in her participants.”

Anne Mureé, Enneagram educator, transformational coach, and founder of Olive Branchways Consulting (USA)

“Ginger’s brilliance lies in her natural ability to attune into the depths of the human soul.”

Anne Geary, transformational Enneagram coach and consultant, and founder of Enneagram Charlotte (USA)

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