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    Enneagram Learning Portal (ELP)

    Interactive, colorful, and delightfully dynamic, the Enneagram Learning Portal offers state-of-the-art Enneagram-based knowledge and insights for your learning, enjoyment and maximum retention.

    Throughout, you’ll find dynamic slide shows, videos, interactive quizzes and more! Yearly subscriptions are $50 USD per section.

    What You Will Find Inside

    The ELP includes 3 sections: Enneagram, Professionals, Applications


    In this course within the Enneagram Learning Portal, you can learn about the Enneagram’s history, the 9 types in detail, the foundational theories of the Enneagram, and the 27 Enneagram subtypes. In addition, if your interest is in more accurate typing or increasing self-mastery, self-development and personal transformations with the Enneagram, you’ll find numerous topics to help you do all that.

    Designed for trainers, coaches, and consultants. In training, there’s theory and practice on Enneagram training competencies, neuroscience, presentation and facilitation skills, training methodologies, what each type wants in a trainer, and trainer skill development. Coaching includes coaching competencies, coaching methodologies, Enneagram-based coaching techniques, and coach development. In consulting, you’ll find consulting roles, the consulting process, a case study, and a Johari window for each type.

    In this course, you’ll learn how to integrate the Enneagram with crucial topics such as communication, conflict, decision making, diversity, EQ, feedback, interactions and relationships, authority, power and influence, leadership, motivation, sales, stress, and teams. Each topic includes models, illustrated slide shows, quizzes with instant feedback downloads and great interaction.

    Group membership discounts available for groups of 10+. Discounts applied automatically at checkout. For groups of 50+, please contact info@theenneagraminbusiness.com

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