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Enneagram Learning Portal

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Professional Services

See our training, coaching, consulting, leadership, teams, retreats and Social Intelligence Hiring services.

Enneagram Resources

Find abundant resources to bring the Enneagram to your organization with the highest quality and value.

The Enneagram

Learn about the Enneagram, find your Enneagram style, and compare the Enneagram to other systems.

Business Applications

View 9 organizational applications of the Enneagram, with strengths, challenges and development tips.

Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD | Enneagram author and teacher, as well as an organization development consultant, trainer and coach, Ginger works with organizations, leaders, and teams around the globe to create vibrant, productive, and sustainable organizations. Author of four Enneagram-business books, she also offers global certification programs that enable consultants, trainers, and coaches to use the Enneagram effectively and accurately in organizational applications such as teams, leadership, conflict, feedback, strategy, organizational change and transformation, and personal and professional development.

In addition, Ginger has created abundant resources for individuals and organizations that make the Enneagram more accessible and easy-to-use without compromising the integrity of this powerful system. Some of these resources include: 27 full-color training tools that jump-start Enneagram training programs; Know Your Type, the Enneagram App for iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire; a subscription-based Enneagram eLearning Portal; and a worldwide network of Enneagram professionals (Enneagram in Business Network) that provides best-in-class Enneagram training, coaching and consulting, both globally and locally.

Ginger has been consulting with Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations for over 35 years, and she currently works with companies such as Genentech/Roche,, and Nestle, among others.

Ginger’s books
Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work (2004) | the core applications of the Enneagram
What Type of Leader Are You? (2007) | leadership competencies using the Enneagram
Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach (2009) | high-impact coaching using the Enneagram
The Enneagram Development Guide (2010) | 50+ powerful development activities for each Enneagram style | a highly informational and easy-to-use site providing Enneagram and business concepts and practices from around the world; a wide array of consulting, training, and coaching services; innovative applications of the Enneagram such as “Social Intelligence Hiring,” “Blue Ocean Strategy, and “Leadership on the Edge;” and a schedule of public certification programs | | 310.829.3309