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Enneagram business applications: more free resources

The Enneagram is an increasingly popular versatile system with multiple applications that can be used in business, education, psychotherapy, nonprofits, entertainment, medicine, sales, law, and more. An increasing number of organizations have recognized the value of utilizing the Enneagram.

Here you can see and read some of the major Enneagram business applications being used: coaching, communication, conflict, decision-making, feedback, interpersonal interactions, leadership, teams, and sales. Enjoy the graphics and read about each Enneagram type’s strengths, challenges, and development areas.

Some popular Enneagram business applications

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Enneagram application coaching


The Enneagram makes a dramatic difference in coaching because it allows coaches to identify the client’s coaching needs quickly, enables clients to engage in growth on their own, and provides specific development paths for each type.

Enneagram application communication


Using the Enneagram to enhance communication allows you to understand how each type communicates, their strengths and development areas, and to be better understood and to understand others.

Enneagram application conflict


The Enneagram’s conflict application allows you to approach conflict in ways that minimize stress, increase self-development, reduce reactivity, create collaboration, and enhance productivity.

Enneagram application decision making

Decision making

We all make decisions daily, but do we understand how we can make better decisions? The Enneagram helps us understand how we currently make decisions and how to optimize our decision-making process.

Enneagram application feedback


The Enneagram’s feedback application enables you to learn how to give effective feedback to others of the 9 types, as well as how to enhance your ability to both give and receive feedback.

Enneagram business application interactions


The Enneagram’s interactions application shows you how to engage more effectively with people of all Enneagram types, as well as how to make it easier for other people to interact with you.

Enneagram business application leadership


Nine versions of leadership grow from our Enneagram types, yet we take these for granted. The Enneagram is an insightful and powerful way to develop your leadership skills and work on your development areas.

Enneagram business application teams


The Enneagram helps new and existing teams to work more effectively. It also allows teams and team members to understand and discuss what previously felt unsaid or subjective in an objective, productive, and action-oriented way.

Enneagram business application sales


The Enneagram is extraordinary in sales in three ways: to help sales personnel understand their approach to selling; for sales managers to learn how to support and develop their staff; and how to work best with a variety of customers.

Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work (2004) by Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD

Deftly describing how individuals of each Enneagram type can develop skills in the most important business areas (communication, feedback, conflict, teams, and leadership), Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work is a bestseller that has been translated into ten languages.

Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach (2009) by Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD

Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach provides systematic coaching approaches, methodologies, and techniques integrated with the insights of the Enneagram in order to show managers, mentors, and coaches how to coach individuals of the nine Enneagram types in transformative ways.

What Type of Leader Are You? (2007) by Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD

What Type of Leader Are You? is a roadmap for becoming an exemplary leader using the Enneagram to develop seven core leadership competencies – Drive for Results, Strive for Self-Mastery, Know the Business; Think and Act Strategically, Become an Excellent Communicator, Lead High-Performing Teams, Make Optimal Decisions, and Take Charge of Change.

The Enneagram Development Guide: Third Edition (2023) by Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD

The Enneagram Development Guide, Third Edition has over 500 development activities, including 60+ for each Enneagram type, giving you an abundance of options at your fingertips. This 3rd edition provides detailed development activities for each type in areas such as self-mastery, communication, feedback, conflict, leadership and teams, and now includes somatic development as well as development for each of the 27 subtypes.


Prepare to be transformed. Ginger is world-renowned, and a smart, curious and innovative educator who continues to identify and create fresh approaches to self-understanding and growth through applications of the Enneagram. A course with Ginger will accelerate your awareness and expand your potential.

Nancy Duvall Wagner, JD, Enneagram trainer and coach and president of Choose Insight, LLC (USA)

Ginger is one of the best Enneagram teachers I know. She is very well-versed in the art of delivering the necessary messages to her respective audiences. I have learned much and benefited from all her programs.

Tze Meng Chin, ICF PCC, Enneagram coach, trainer and consultant, and founder of MM Grower (Singapore)

Ginger’s insight, creativity and experience ensure the programs she develops and delivers are not only extraordinary in what they offer but also personally relevant and timely for my own learning and development.

Gayle Hardie, co-founder of Global Leadership Foundation and co-author of The Emotionally Healthy Leader (Australia)

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