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The Enneagram in Business online store provides a rich array of Enneagram books, virtual and hard-copy training materials, professional certification programs, Enneagram symbol maps, and more.

What makes The Enneagram in Business unique

Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD, an Enneagram professional and well-respected author of nine Enneagram books, has over 40 years of experience working with organizations as a trainer, consultant, and coach. Creating accurate, professional, and ready-to-use materials for her own clients, she has made these Enneagram-based resources available to professionals and organizations globally. She is a premier provider of Enneagram materials to use with individuals to improve their communication and feedback skills, to enhance their ability to work with conflict constructively, to develop their leadership capabilities, and to transform their team effectiveness. She intentionally keeps her prices fair and her service customer-oriented.

Her Enneagram-based certification programs are skill-focused, interactive, and based on adult learning principles. She is considered an expert facilitator and a leader in the field. The Enneagram in Business is an IEA-Accredited School with Distinction and Ginger is an IEA-Accredited Professional with Distinction; both are the IEA’s highest recognition level. All of Ginger’s programs are IEA-accredited and her coaching programs are ICF Level 1 accredited (50 credits toward an ICF coaching credential or for ICF CCE credential renewals).

Online store offerings

To purchase the resources offered by The Enneagram in Business, click on the icons below.

Enneagram Resources: Books, Research, Articles


Ginger has authored nine Enneagram-based books, many of which are best sellers and have been translated into multiple languages. We also support the exceptional Enneagram books written by the members of Enneagram in Business Network.

Enneagram Resources: Hard Copy Tools

Training tools | hard copy

We sell 30 full-color, hard-copy training tools for a wide variety of Enneagram business applications: communication, conflict, leadership, teams, sales, and more. These are invaluable resources for your training, coaching, and personal growth.

Enneagram Resources: Virtual Training Tools

Training tools | virtual

We offer 8 full-color, virtual training tools for different Enneagram business applications that have some, but not all, of the same information as the hard copy tools. Useful for virtual training programs and coaching.

Enneagram Resources: Certificate Programs

Certificate programs

We provide multiple certificate programs: 2 coaching programs (ICF accredited); 3 Train-the-Trainer programs that teach how to bring the Enneagram into organizations; and other programs to refine your typing or deepen your skill-set.

Enneagram Resources: Know Your Type App

Enneagram app

Innovative and informative, the app “Know Your Type” is available on iOS (Apple) and Kindle (Amazon). This app contains an animated typing section as well as an array of other interactive Enneagram information and applications.

Enneagram Resources: Enneagram Symbol Maps

Enneagram symbol maps

You can purchase four different full-color Enneagram symbol designs, 54” x 54” (large) for the floor and 28” x 28” (small) for the wall. These beautiful maps of the Enneagram symbol have lightweight fabric for travel and are fully washable.

Enneagram Resources: Enneagram Learning Portal

Enneagram Learning Portal

Interactive and full of color, the Enneagram Learning Portal provides state-of-the-art Enneagram-based knowledge and insights. Perfect for coaches, trainers, HR professionals, and others who want to increase their Enneagram capabilities.

Enneagram Resources: Enneagram in Business Network

EIBN only programs

Programs exclusively for members of the Enneagram in Business Network.


“Ginger’s decades of expertise in the Enneagram and helping individuals discover their purpose helped me see and believe that I had a book to write, ultimately leading me to publish it. She is incredibly insightful, intuitive, and a joy to learn from.”

Beth McCord, Enneagram speaker, coach and trainer, founder of Your Enneagram Coach, and co-author of More Than a Number (USA)

“Although I have taken many Enneagram workshops and programs over several decades, with Ginger I have experienced the deepest spiritual transformations of my life.”

Adelaida Harrison, M.Ed, Enneagram coach and trainer, author of The Neuroscience Behind the Enneagram, and cohost of “CONOCETE con el Eneagrama” (Know Yourself with the Enneagram) (Mexico)

“I highly recommend the brilliance, generosity, and powerful impact of Ginger’s work! Early on and after decades with the Enneagram, Ginger’s materials and training consistently increased my love for the Enneagram. If you want to grow in competency as a trainer or personal life, you’ll want to study with her.”

Rev. Clare Loughridge, spiritual director, board chair of Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force, co-author of Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram, and ©iEnneagram Motions of the Soul Trainer (USA)

“Ginger’s programs are authentic, inspiring, educational, exciting, door-opening, clear and well-structured. They give me not only a lot of awareness about myself and others but are also a key to how I can develop and evolve, whether in a team or as a private person. Her enormous wealth of experience with the Enneagram and its application has had an enormous impact on both me and the work I do with others.”

Caroline Tanja Banz, Enneagram coach, trainer and consultant, and founder of Be Your True Self (Switzerland)

“Ginger is a gifted teacher who effortlessly blends knowledge transfer with creating a safe place to learn. Her programs contain content that can be easily implemented when you walk out of the session as she gives you practical insight, sound direction, and the tools to be the best you can be. No day goes by that I don’t use something Ginger has taught, written, or developed.”

Uneeka Jay, Enneagram coach, trainer and consultant, award-winning speaker, and founder of Rewrite 365, a performance consulting company (USA)

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