Virtual Enneagram tool FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: Who would find the Virtual Enneagram Tools useful?
A: Coaches, consultants, trainers, and individuals using the Enneagram for personal and professional growth will all find the virtual tools useful. Coaches and consultants can easily reference these tools when working with clients and/or have their clients each purchase a copy. Trainers can incorporate these tools into presentations and purchase a virtual tool for each participant as part of the program training materials. Individuals can add these tools to their computers, tablets, and smartphones for access when needed in real-world situations. 

Q: How long will I be able to access these virtual tools?
A: There is no expiration to your virtual tool purchase.

Q: Can I share my password with other members of my team or my clients?
A: No. The purchase of the virtual tool is good for one person and three personal devices for that user. Each member of a team, company, or training will need to purchase their own copy.

Q: Can I download these tools?
A: No, these tools are not downloadable. If downloading is attempted, only a fragment of the tool will be visible. Downloading will also constitute breaking the service agreement.

Q: Are these exactly the same as the printed tools available in The Enneagram in Business store?
A: No. While they have much of the same information, each tool is made up of the content from several (usually three) of the individually printed tools. They also include content that is only available in the Virtual Enneagram Tool format.

Q: How will I receive my virtual tool?
A: Directly after purchase, you will see a “download” link that will provide a PDF User Guide with all the information you need to access and use your virtual tool. The emailed receipt will also have a link to download the User Guide.

Q: Can I purchase all the virtual tools as a set?
A: Yes, the option to purchase the full set is available in The Enneagram in Business store. It is more cost-effective if you purchase the set rather than each tool individually. By purchasing the full set, you will also be able to access all the tools through a single access point on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Q: Can I install the virtual tool?
A: Yes, but it is not recommended in most cases. We generally don’t suggest installation because installing your virtual tools can be very complicated. Why? Because different devices require different browsers, we only recommend installing if you plan to use your virtual tools without an available internet connection. If that is the case, click here for installation instructions.

Q: What if I need help with my virtual tool?
A: Feel free to contact us at


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