Tool sets

  • $231.00

    The Complete Training Tools Set

    The 30 Enneagram training tools in this complete set include mutltiple Enneagram typing materials, Enneagram training tools for a variety of communication skills such as communciation style, feedback and conflict, an abundance of training materials for leadership development, training tools for applying the Enneagram to stress reduction, self-mastery development, subtype exploration, overall Enneagram-based development, and more. Purchasing the complete set of Enneagram training tools saves you $27 compared to buying each item individually.

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  • $33.00

    The Enneagram Development Guide Set

    This set includes The Enneagram Development Guide, Third Edition, a robust book with 431 pages of development activities organized by type, including new somatic practices and subtype development activities, plus “Extreme Growth: The Development Journey,” a training tool with a 6-step process to identify your development goals and create a powerful development plan.

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  • $45.00

    The Enneagram Typing Set

    This set includes a copy of The Art of Typing, a book packed with insight and tools on how to help identify Enneagram type, along with 5 training tools to assist in the typing process: Enneagram Typing Cards, Enneagram Discovery Deck, Enneagram Typing Questions, Typing by Centers of Intelligence, and the Enneagram Workbook.

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