The Enneagram in Organizations Survey Results 2022 | Enneagram in Business Network

796 people from 49 different countries told us stunning information: the most common organizational applications of the Enneagram, the vast number of powerful benefits, and how they want to learn more in the future. Download survey result PDFs in the following languages in US letter size (US) or A4 format (A4).

Best Practices Benchmark Report 2011 | Enneagram in Business Network

Download data from over 70 companies in 20 different countries | what they have learned about using the Enneagram in their organizations to achieve positive, sustainable results in 5 different languages.
Benchmark Report Download English

Download Chinese

Download French

Download Italian

Download Portuguese

Download Spanish


Deloitte Review | Issue 13 2013 | Courting the Customer-Candidate

Download a special report overviewing best practices in innovative hiring done by Deloitte Touche that highlights Social Intelligence Hiring and the use of the Enneagram on pages 15-17.

Download PDF

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