Books by EIBN senior members

  • Reclaiming YOU: Using the Enneagram to Move from Trauma to Resilience

    by Sharon K. Ball LPC-MHSP, Renée Siegel LISAC ACC

    Reclaiming YOU provides individual stories and facts of heartache, Enneagram type, vulnerabilities and their resilience journey, and looks at various types of trauma, through individual stories. Each type is represented in one of the stories.

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  • Knowing Me Knowing Them

    By Tracy Tresidder, Margaret Loftus, and Jacqui Pollock
    A practical guide designed specifically to help parents grasp what it is that makes children tick, by helping discover one’s parenting personality type using the Enneagram, exploring how one’s personality affects parenting style, and providing further resources to help unlock children’s potentials.

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  • The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles

    By Jerome Wagner, PhD
    A classic and accessible overview of the Enneagram system and types by psychologist Jerome Wagner, PhD, complete with reflection questions and behavior under stressed and relaxed conditions.

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  • Nine Lenses on the World

    By Jerome Wagner, PhD
    A comprehensive illumination of the Enneagram map and the 9 styles by psychologist Jerome Wagner, PhD, explaining the 9 unique perspectives or lenses on the world.

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