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An internationally recognized Enneagram author, keynote speaker, OD consultant, trainer, and coach, Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD is considered a world leader in bringing the insights of the Enneagram to organizations across the globe. With over 45 years of professional experience, Ginger offers professional Enneagram services, working with organizations, leaders, and teams as they use the Enneagram – fully integrated with the theory and practice of organization development, training, and coaching – to create vibrant, innovative, and sustainable human systems. She is the author of 9 widely respected Enneagram business books, many of which have been translated into multiple languages. Some of her clients include Salesforce, Genentech/Roche, Toyota, Nestle, Kaiser Permanente, Cisco, LeasePlan, Apple, US Airforce, Facebook, Hudson Institute of Coaching, Sun Microsystems, and Greenville Health System.

Since 2004, Ginger has been training professionals across the globe on how to use the Enneagram in organizations in their roles as trainers, consultants, and coaches and in a wide variety of Enneagram applications. She also works with her own clients to help them bring the Enneagram into their organizations to develop teams and leaders, increase trust and accountability, and to set the stage for collaboration and culture change.

Professional services provided

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Enneagram Services: Training


We offer accurate and dynamic Enneagram-based training in almost every organizational application: Enneagram basics, communication, feedback, conflict, leadership, teams, self-mastery, decision-making, relationships, DEIJ, and more.

Enneagram services: Coaching


Ginger is a top-tier Enneagram coach, specializing in supporting individuals, team members, and leaders within organizations. When the Enneagram is used with coaching clients, coaching goes faster and deeper and becomes more sustainable.

Enneagram Services: Consulting


With over 40 years of consulting experience, Ginger fully integrates the Enneagram with all her consulting work, bringing objectivity, perspective, diagnostic skills, and the ability to accelerate innovation, change, and transformation.

Enneagram Services: Leadership Development

Leadership development

The Enneagram, used as an essential component in leadership development, provides powerful insights about the 9 different leadership styles and accelerates the development of leadership competencies. It is effective, efficient, and engaging.

Enneagram Services: Teams

Team development

The Enneagram is particularly powerful helping teams become high-functioning. Ginger uses the Enneagram integrated with proven organizational effectiveness models so teams become aligned, attuned, and accelerate into high performance.

Enneagram Services: Social Intelligence Hiring

Social Intelligence Hiring (SIH)

Social Intelligence Hiring is a proven process that supports hiring new employees. This Enneagram-based approach accelerates your hiring process, enabling you to hire excellent candidates who are up and running quickly at a lower cost.

Ginger’s Books

Ginger’s books put theory into practice, showing you how to put practice into action.

Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work (2004) | the core applications of the Enneagram

What Type of Leader Are You? (2007) | leadership competencies using the Enneagram

Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach (2009) | High-impact coaching using the Enneagram

Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD Photo offering Enneagram Professional Services

Consulting with the Enneagram (2015) | a practical guide for consultants to fully integrate the Enneagram into their practice

The Enneagram Coloring Book (2016) | a whole new way to understand the Enneagram

The Art of Typing (2018) | demystification of the Enneagram typing process

The  Art  of  the  Enneagram (2020) co-authored with Russell (Tres) Bogda | a visual and metaphoric journey through the 9 types

Transform Your Team with the Enneagram (2022) | use the Enneagram to transform any team into a high-performing one

The Enneagram Development Guide, 3rd Edition (2023) | 60+ powerful development activities for each Enneagram type


“Ginger is a brilliant and creative Enneagram teacher, trainer and consultant, and I have enjoyed her trainings very much. She knows the content deeply, brings new formats that engage people in the learning process, and her emotional intelligence is off the charts! She is a true pioneer in this field.”

Peter O’Hanrahan, Enneagram teacher and coach, principal trainer at the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP), and founder of The Enneagram at Work (USA)

“Ginger is one of the most intuitive and gifted teachers of the Enneagram. She blends business, psychology, and years of consultative experience into uniquely designed organizational programs that are delivered with pure artistry. Her course materials are second to no other teacher in the Enneagram world.”

Granville D’Souza, DBA, CEO of EQ World, and author of EQ from the Inside Out, EQ for Success and High Performance and Unshakeable Spirit (Singapore)

“Ginger is undoubtedly a benchmark in the world of the Enneagram and its application at the organizational level. Her programs always provide original and applicable ideas and are designed with care, seriousness, consistency and great attention to detail. In addition, Ginger has the rare ability to bring people together for a common effort, which often results in something different, new and useful. I highly recommend attending her program as it will provide great insights on both personal and professional levels.”

Gema de la Rosa, Enneagram coach, consultant and trainer, and director of certification at Maybe International  (Spain)

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