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What makes a great team: part 2 | alignment

How do you access the collective wisdom of the Head Center of Intelligence to align your team? Every team, if they want to become high-performing, needs to create a collective mind-share, a way of aligning team members that is realistic

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What makes a great team: part 1 | the AAA model

What makes a team go from just OK to good? What helps a good team become a great one? I use a simple concept called AAA: alignment, attunement and acceleration. I was first exposed to the first two elements of

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Metaphors and the Enneagram

We love using metaphors in our Enneagram work, whether it be training programs, coaching, books, social media, and the list goes on and on. There is a very good reason for this. From a neuroscience perspective, metaphor activates more parts

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How to handle natural and unnatural disasters when teaching

We are living in a time where horrific things are occurring, some ‘natural,’ some ‘unnatural’ – meaning totally created by human beings – and some a combination of both. As trainers, as Enneagram professionals, what do we do when a

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Training for Retention

When we teach the Enneagram, are people retaining what we teach? How do we know? Content matters, but so does the teaching methodology. There’s retention research that points us to the answer. The Learning Pyramid not only shows how people

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Enneagram-Based Organization Work: The 3 Pillars

Enneagram work in organizations is serious work that requires knowledge and skills beyond knowing the Enneagram at a basic level. Here are some thoughts from my three decades of organizational work using the Enneagram. REQUIRED FOR ALL INDIVIDUALS USING ENNEAGRAM

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What is your purpose for using the Enneagram?

Here are some great reasons for organizations to use the Enneagram. Why is this important to know? Any Enneagram initiative to be successful begins with a clear and shared understanding of the Why or purpose of using the Enneagram. The

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Typing Gifts and Typing Potholes

Lately, I’ve been supporting a number of people in their ability and agility in guiding people to their Enneagram type. In doing this, some patterns have emerged about the ways in which each of us, depending on our Enneagram type,

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What Enneagram Type Is Santa Claus? The Definitive Answer!

This is a blog we run every couple of years. Since so many people think they can accurately type public figures, I decided to take on one of the most important public figures of all – Santa Claus. If we

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What got you here won’t get you there | Part 9

Although this statement may sound counter-intuitive, over years of working with people and groups on the Enneagram-based development, this has proven to be more accurate than not. Of course, working with the Center of Intelligence that instigates the challenging dynamic

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