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Consultants | consulting strengths and development areas

Consultants, hopefully, recognize that their own personal and professional development contribute to the success of their consultation projects. When continuously working on their own development, consultants become less reactive, more responsive, less assumptive, more objective, less constrained, and more real.

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Enneagram type-based core growth motivators

Core motivators matter for two reasons. In coaching, the coach can help his or her client identify and access these core motivators to make sure that the coaching aligns with these. When these core growth motivators are not present, the

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Confirming enneagram type

Here are three type-confirming questions for each Enneagram type, to be used once a person has done a preliminary identification of his or her type. These questions can also be used to help individuals who have narrowed down their type to

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Development | strength

Potency, resilience, moral power, firmness, and courage – these are all concepts that align with real strength. How can the Enneagram help each of us develop true strength, not physical prowess or outer toughness? Ones | While Enneagram Ones may

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