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Enneagram typing | the power of patience

“People need to type themselves!” “Don’t tell people their type.” “It’s not your job to type other people.” These are all things we hear, I say, and I believe! Or do I? As an Enneagram teacher, I try to give

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Enneagram theory | is it useful; is it true?

In 2010, I wrote a series of blogs and invited several respected Enneagram teachers to write guest blogs, all on the topic of different theories that comprise the contemporary Enneagram, particularly the Enneagram of personality. My motivation for focusing on

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Coaching with the enneagram | deeper and better coaching

This blog, the 2nd created for the ICF (International Coach Federation) is designed to underscore how effective the Enneagram is in enabling coaching to go deeper and better, particularly in terms of identifying and working with the client’s mental models.

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3 little words | think, feel, do

This blog started out with the intention of describing how these 3 little words can make a huge difference in designing and executing training programs, coaching sessions and consultations, but I decided to Google these magic words and was amazed

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