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Transformational leaders | type 4 – from melancholy to original source

When Enneagram Four leaders become transformational ones, they must move from Melancholy – the continuous thinking abut what’s missing, with the accompanying thoughts of being disconnected or separated from others – to Original Source. Original Source is the insight that

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Chris Christie | bigger than the rules

I have always liked Chris Christie, or at least I had liked him until the recent Bridgegate scandal, in which many of Christie’s direct staff and appointees in various roles, appear to have closed down two of the three lanes

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Transformational leaders | type 3 – from vanity to hope

As Enneagram Three leaders transform themselves, going from Vanity – the hiding of parts of themselves that do not conform to their idealized self-image of confidence, competence, and success, a doer who gets results – to Hope, the mountain they

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kitty montage flat

Typing our animals?

Do animals, especially ones we know well, have an Enneagram type? And if they do, are we, as humans, able to type them accurately? I would say yes, having had many animals over the years since I’ve known the Enneagram,

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