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Cultivating thankfulness

November is Thanksgiving in the United States, mostly known for a particular kind of food – turkey, stuffing, pumpkins, family and friends – but many people use it as a time to also reflect on what they are thankful for

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Finding home | in search of type

When I meet people who may have their Enneagram type identified incorrectly, there are subtle and not so subtle clues they give off that indicate what they think their type is may not be accurate. Here are a few things I’ve

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Diversity and the enneagram | a provocative topic

Here are highlights from my keynote at the South African Enneagram conference held in Cape Town this past October/November. Dirk Cloete of Integrative Enneagram Solutions, host and conference sponsor, had asked me to provide the keynote on Diversity and the

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Development | listening

Ones | Listen to others with the same precision, attention and respect as you listen to your own thoughts and opinions. Twos | When you don’t like someone or feel they have harmed you, listen as full-heartedly as you listen

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