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Ones | Listen to others with the same precision, attention and respect as you listen to your own thoughts and opinions.

Twos | When you don’t like someone or feel they have harmed you, listen as full-heartedly as you listen to those about whom you care.

Threes | During those times when you are your most active and overworked, take the time to truly listen to those around you.

Fours | Listen to other people as if what they were saying had nothing whatsoever to do with you.

Fives | Listen from your heart as well as your mind so you can hear not just what is being said but how the other person feels.

Sixes | Listen until the other person has completely finished, asking yourself if you truly understood the meaning without the message being infused with your reaction to it.

Sevens | When you add your ideas before the other person has finished his or her thoughts, they don’t experienced being listened to, even though this was not your intention.

Eights | Listen to people who you don’t respect as much as those you do; they may have even more to teach you.

Nines | While nodding your head “uh huh” may mean to you only that you have heard the other person, to him or her, it means you are in complete agreement about the content.

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