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3 Centers of Intelligence | their many uses – Part 2

This blog describes one way that the 3 Centers of Intelligence – Head, Heart and Body – can be useful and practical in developing relationships. Peter O’Hanrahan and I have a new 2-day program titled “Relationships Reimagined” in which we

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Enneagram Limericks by Tom Hattersley

PERFECTIONIST… There once was a One so right About the trivial he would fight Others he would judge His opinions would not budge When he neared all would take flight GIVER… There once a helper Type Two Who thought of

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3 Centers of Intelligence | their many uses – Part 1

The 3 Centers of Intelligence – Head Center, Heart Center and Body Center – form a basis of the 20th century mystic, philosopher and teacher, G. I. Gurdjieff, brought to the Fourth Way teachings and to the Enneagram. This blog,

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Development | pushing pause

The faster we go, the slower we need to be ~ Peter Senge PhD Pushing the pause button, even if for a second, allows us the space to interrupt our reactive and habitual responses and to make new and more

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