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Stage of innovation: 2011 versus 2022

The Enneagram in Business Network conducted two different research projects on the Enneagram’s use in organizations, one in 2011 and the other in 2022. As a subtext or underlying theme to each research project, one not asked directly but inferred,

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Enneagram organizational applications: 2011 versus 2022

Are organizations across the globe using the Enneagram differently in 2022 versus how they used it in 2011? Two research projects conducted by the Enneagram in Business Network, one in 2011 and the other in 2022, have the answers to

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What qualities make an excellent leader 2022?

Do you know the answer to this question? Can the Enneagram support contemporary leadership excellence? First, here’s the latest thinking on leadership excellence from four well-respected sources. Vantage Leadership excellence is about self-development, flexibility, employee focus, plus… Being culture creators

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The Great Resignation, The Great Exodus, Quiet Quitting

These three 2021-2022 additions to our organizational vocabulary are here to stay. The Great Resignation refers to many people, especially younger employees, resigning from their jobs, often without having another job waiting. This has happened with 4.4 million people per

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“Life Reimagined” and the enneagram

Richard Leider, author of “Life Reimagined’ and numerous other books, was the last speaker at the recent Hudson Institute of Coaching’s annual Learning Conference, and he is a clearly polished presenter who manages to keep it real. Writing my last

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What I love about the EIBN (Enneagram in Business Network)

My work has always been about three things: spreading the Enneagram’s use in organizations around the world; focusing on using the Enneagram for development (both for those who teach it and those who learn it); and doing what I can

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Where the Enneagram is Going | Vertical and Horizontal

At the recent IEA (International Enneagram Association) conference in Denver, the IEA asked me to do a video tape for them to put on their website. For the most part, they wanted me to talk about the 2014 IEA conference

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You’re Never Too Old … or Too Young for the Enneagram

I just returned from leading a “Coaching with the Enneagram” certificate program in Cincinnati. Not only is it a beautiful city, an Art Deco paradise, but the program itself drew fantastic participants. Mainly the participants were from Cincinnati, where there

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