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The Oscar Pistorius trial | an enneagram perspective

A year ago on Valentine’s Day, Oscar Pistorius – aka the Blade Runner due to his track accomplishments on metal legs at both the Olympics and Para-Olympics – killed his then girlfriend of three months, Reeva Steenkamp in the early

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Transformational leaders | type 8 – from vengeance to truth

To many, “Vengeance,” the mental habit of Eights, sounds like a very negative word. Revenge, vengefulness, and vengeance connote doing harm to others or “primitive justice.” “An eye for an eye” is what we think of with the word vengeance.

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Transformational leaders | type 7 – from planning to work

Sevens in general have robust, fast moving, energetic minds, a mind I often refer to as a computer screen that has no file folders, just an increasingly vast amount of documents of ideas, facts and opinions that they so easily

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In Memoriam | Jay Galbraith (1939-2014)

Most Enneagrammers will not recognize Jay’s name, though most OD (organization development) professionals who have been in the field for 20+ years will instantly remember Jay’s massive contributions, particularly in the area of organization design, strategy and structure. He influenced

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