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Enneagram and trauma: an interview with author Sharon Ball

Sharon Ball, a Senior Member of The Enneagram in Business Network, has written a beautiful, insightful, theory and practice-based new book on trauma and the Enneagram. So many people in the Enneagram community are talking about how the Enneagram can

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What Enneagram Type Is Santa Claus? The Definitive Answer!

This is a blog we run every couple of years. Since so many people think they can accurately type public figures, I decided to take on one of the most important public figures of all – Santa Claus. If we

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Development | Quotes from the Dalai Lama

Quotes from the Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama is a simple, profound and prescient human being. Here are quotes from this humble man, one for each Enneagram type. ONES “Love is the absence of judgment.” TWOS “If you don’t love

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What if Donald Trump is neither an Enneagram 8 nor a 3?

What if Donald Trump is neither an Enneagram 8 nor a 3? There is much debate and even argument about Donald Trump’s Enneagram type. I have joined the ranks of this conversation, even though I am not keen on typing

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Giving Thanks for the Narrative Enneagram

The Narrative Enneagram, a school started by Helen Palmer and David Daniels, celebrated its 30th anniversary on November 19, 2018. Vibrant to this day, the Narrative Enneagram has continued to train thousands of people who want to learn the Enneagram

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Legacy of David Daniels MD | his memorial service

On June 30th, a memorial service was held for David Daniels MD, an Enneagram teacher of major magnitude, who partnered with Helen Palmer and others to legitimize and bring the Enneagram into widespread modern use. Although I live in Santa

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Typing children | ode to David Daniels

When David Daniels, a pillar of the contemporary enneagram, died this past May, so many memories of him passed through my mind. I had known him for many years, as one of the early teachers, as a friend and colleague

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Is Donald Trump an enneagram 8 or an enneagram 3?

Since August 2015, I have written four blogs about Donald Trump, not so much questioning what his type is – this due to the fact that for many years I have perceived him as a type 8 – but in

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In Memoriam | Jay Galbraith (1939-2014)

Most Enneagrammers will not recognize Jay’s name, though most OD (organization development) professionals who have been in the field for 20+ years will instantly remember Jay’s massive contributions, particularly in the area of organization design, strategy and structure. He influenced

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In memorium | Nelson Mandela

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” ~ Nelson Mandela Admiring Nelson Mandela from afar was nothing like what I experienced being in South Africa during the last few years of Mandela’s life. My dear friend, Diann LeRoux, has

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