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Servant Leadership+the Enneagram

Servant Leadership and the Enneagram

Now more than ever, servant leadership is needed in government, corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and public service agencies. Coined by Robert Greenleaf in the 1970s, servant leadership refers to leaders being a “servant first… It begins with the natural feeling

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Leadership agility and the enneagram | part 2

Mary Bast was the inspiration for my blogs on leadership agility, both this 2nd blog as well as the prior blog. Here I am using Mary’s ideas to illuminate how to use the Enneagram to increases leadership agility through vertical

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Leadership agility and the enneagram | part 1

Mary Bast – an Enneagram colleague who is herself a teacher, author, consultant and coach – asked if I had any blogs about the Enneagram and leadership agility. My answer to her was “Not yet,” but the connection seemed like

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Edgar Schein | the art of being real

Edgar Schein has been a great in the field of OD (organization development) for over 50 years, and he keeps on generating ideas and influencing the profession to this day. At the Hudson Institute of Coaching’s recent annual Learning Conference,

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“Conversational Intelligence” and the enneagram

This second blog in the series provides an integrative look at the work of Judith E. Glaser based on her book, Conversational Intelligence. What might be of interest is that both Liz Wiseman and Judith E. Glaser seem to know

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“Multipliers” and the enneagram

I recently attended the Hudson Institute of Coaching’s annual Learning Conference, not because I am a Hudson trained coach, but because I went to support the CEO, Pam McLean who is a colleague, friend, and client. Quite recently, her husband

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Leadership, credibility, and the enneagram

No one really understands what makes excellence in leaders. This was explained to me years ago by Warner Burke, a professor from Colombia University, an OD consultant for decades and the author of numerous management and OD books. His perspective

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Transformational leaders | type 9 – from indolence to love

The Nine’s mental habit of “indolence” is not what it may appear to be at first glance. It is not indolence in terms of inactivity or lifelessness. In Enneagram terms, “indolence” refers to the mental process of diffusing your mental

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Transformational leaders | type 8 – from vengeance to truth

To many, “Vengeance,” the mental habit of Eights, sounds like a very negative word. Revenge, vengefulness, and vengeance connote doing harm to others or “primitive justice.” “An eye for an eye” is what we think of with the word vengeance.

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Transformational leaders | type 7 – from planning to work

Sevens in general have robust, fast moving, energetic minds, a mind I often refer to as a computer screen that has no file folders, just an increasingly vast amount of documents of ideas, facts and opinions that they so easily

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