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3 insights on enneagram threes

So much has been written about each of the 9 enneatypes (by me as well as many others), and there is always more to be learned. My biggest teachers are people of these types themselves, sharing their own stories and

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Development | diversity

Ones | What prejudices are you willing to give up about yourself? Can you imagine yourself spontaneous and free-spirited? Can you imagine being wrong more than you are right? Can you imagine yourself being fully accepting when you make a

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Dentists and the enneagram

I normally don’t write about my actual consulting work or speeches so as to preserve client confidentiality. Occasionally, I write a case study, changing information that would make the client identifiable. However, this past weekend, I had a surprising and

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Business-enneagram cases | and more teams

In this 3rd blog about teams, the focus is a consulting organization with which I’ve been working with over the past 3 years as a consultant. Many consulting firms are using the Enneagram and in a variety of ways, a

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