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Edgar Schein | the art of being real

Edgar Schein has been a great in the field of OD (organization development) for over 50 years, and he keeps on generating ideas and influencing the profession to this day. At the Hudson Institute of Coaching’s recent annual Learning Conference,

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“Conversational Intelligence” and the enneagram

This second blog in the series provides an integrative look at the work of Judith E. Glaser based on her book, Conversational Intelligence. What might be of interest is that both Liz Wiseman and Judith E. Glaser seem to know

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“Multipliers” and the enneagram

I recently attended the Hudson Institute of Coaching’s annual Learning Conference, not because I am a Hudson trained coach, but because I went to support the CEO, Pam McLean who is a colleague, friend, and client. Quite recently, her husband

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Development | perspective

Ones | Do you feel unsettled to consider that all or most of your multitude of opinions are not really facts? What if they are really just your opinions extracted from what you think are facts? And if these ideas you

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